1. Tell Your Followers a Story

Lisa Dengler (@lisadengler) | 112k followers

Blogger Lisa Dengler believes that your Instagram profile is more than a collection of pictures. Instagram is “about telling a story, both in each individual photo, and in your feed as a whole: who are you, what are you interested in, where are you at that current moment – all portrayed in a beautiful way.”

(Source: Nylon)


2. Use Hashtags

Elsie Larson (@elsielarson) | 283k followers

Using hashtags helps you to build a community and find like-minded ‘grammers. Check out your favorite profiles and see what hashtags they are using. Use those same hashtags on your own photos to gain the attention of people who are looking for photos just like yours!

(Source: A Beautiful Mess)

3. Utilize Flat Lays

Doone Roisin (@theiconicau) | 194k followers

Flat lays are an aesthetically pleasing way to tell your followers who you are and what you like.  It’s like a carefully curated glimpse into your current favorites. Social media manager and fashion blogger Doone Roisin advises to “play with bold prints, source weird textures or random objects to add a point of difference to your flat-lay snaps.”

(Source: PopSugar Australia)

4. Be Consistent

Monica Rubalcava (@moniqua) | 28.2k followers

On Monica Rubalcava’s feed “Each photo is simple and similar, so when you view all the photos together it is more appealing to the eye.” Choose a common theme for all of your photographs and make sure to stick with it! Decide if all of your photos will be muted or bright, bold or mysterious. Each photograph should evoke a similar feeling and give off the same vibe as your other photos.

(Source: Huffington Post)

5. Crop it Down

Lauren Conrad (@laurenconrad) | 5.3m followers

Take it from Lauren Conrad (fashion designer of reality TV fame) when she tells you “Instagrams don’t always have to be square.” Don’t be afraid to size out a horizontal or portrait style image to enhance your photo and draw attention to your central subject.

(Source: Lauren Conrad)

6. Keep it Natural

Karan Bhatia (@sendingstache) | 107k followers

“… Over-edited shots can be unappealing,” shares photo-pro Karan Bhatia. Try to be conservative with your use of filters. Stick to small tweaks and enhancing the natural beauty of a photo instead of twisting it into a fluorescent monstrosity.

(Source: Huffington Post)


7. Be Authentic

Marcel Floruss (@marcelfloruss) | 295k followers

Marcel Floruss, blogger and Instagram style king, never forgets why people followed him and lets his personality shine through. He “thinks about the editorial content” and uses captions “with smileys and bad jokes” as a way to share his truest self with his followers.

(Source: Nylon)

8. Ask Questions

Marianna Hewitt (@marianna_hewitt) | 625k followers

According to television host and blogger Marianna Hewitt, “Asking a question always helps to create a lot of conversation.” Instagram is a social app, so be social! Ask your followers how they are spending their weekend, what their favorite seasonal trend is, or what nail color they can’t live without.

(Source: Nylon)

9. Use Natural Light

Margaret Zhang (@margaret__zhang) | 808k followers

Fuzzy, grainy photos are not going to gain you any followers. In the words of maven Margaret Zhang, “no amount of filtering or app-editing will save a photo that’s poorly lit. Natural light always reads better …” According to Zhang, the best time to take photos is when you are outdoors, during early morning, late afternoon, and overcast days. Plan ahead!

(Source: Huffington Post)


10. Don’t Lose Focus

Sjana Earp (@sjanaelise) | 1.2m followers

As Instagram superstar Sjana Earp is quick to point out, “having thousands, hundreds of thousands or even millions of followers on social media does not signify the amount of friends you have in real life. It does not determine your likeability, your popularity, your happiness, and it certainly does not determine your value as a person” While Instagram is fun and can sometimes be financially lucrative, it should never be your whole world. Take good care of yourself. Nurture your body and your relationships. The number of likes you receive can never replace quality self-care and a happy life.

(Source: Mirror)