Russia is a country of many wonders. The most precious of them all could quite possibly be Galinka Mirgaeva- the 30 year old Instagram queen. Galinka is such a joy for the eyes. Well, somebody did a pretty good job naming her that – her name literally means joyful!

Often compared to the one and only Angelina Jolie, this curvaceous woman can really be put in the same basket as the famous actress and humanitarian when it comes to beauty standards. Other than her luscious lips and cat eyes, Galinka Mirgaeva is adored for her curves as well. Once you take a look at her body, you will be convinced that hard work really pays off – she isn’t afraid to put an extra effort in her fitness program.

You can’t gain 2.3 million followers from lying around all day. Well, at least not until you have a body like Galinka. A picture of her casually lying in bed, on the beach or by the pool is what we all hope to see on Instagram. While men are drooling to see some skin, women are inspired to work on themselves – her fan base is growing with each passing second. And she totally deserves it!

And how does Galinka Mirgaeva spend her days? Enjoying life to the fullest! Apart from living a healthy life and being one of the most popular Instagram fitness models, somewhere in between her photo shoots and public appearances, she finds time to nurture her soul as well. How lovely it is to see her childish and funny side. Her inner beauty indeed shines so bright!

How awesome it is to be paid to be yourself? You can ask Galinka that. Thanks to her impressive looks and fans over the top, she makes a living out of posting pictures. Hey, what company wouldn’t want their product advertised by such a beauty? It is quite expected for her to be making up to $2300 per one promotional photo. WOW! And how wonderful must be to be ‘approved’ for what you really are by nothing less than 2.3 million people. Attagirl!

Although it is hard to believe, Galinka Mirgaeva faces criticism as well. There are people out there who claim she is nothing but a wannabe Angelina Jolie. Haters gonna hate, right? It only makes us feel closer to her – hey, after all she’s only human, like the rest of us. And to be clear, there is no such thing as bad publicity!

Come on people; just take a look at one of her latest posts. Are those lights sparkling so bright, or Galinka has that effect? Being featured in so many magazines, sometimes even being on the cover page – she’s glitter and gold, with or without makeup on. As a matter of fact, no makeup Galinka is the right kind of Galinka! Not many models are up to that task.

Instagram bestows you as the rightful queen, may your reign be long and nothing but fabulous!