Month: April 2016

Successful Brand Partnerships Begin with a Strong Personal Brand

It’s not a secret that many Instagram models aim to be successful on the social media platform through brand partnerships or event promotions. Shanghai-native Chicagoan Angelene Sun (@imangelenesun) agrees. “There are many opportunities on Instagram and it is important to be strategic in taking advantage of them,” Sun said. What does it take to make it big on Instagram? How can you measure success? Some may think that the amount of money you make is the way to measure success. But Sun believes that the long-term success directly correlates to the strength of a personal brand. “The initial reason I decided to pursue business opportunities was not specifically to make a lot of money, but rather to create a strong personal brand,” Sun said. “There are many brands that reach out to me but are not a great fit. My rule is: if the brand doesn’t fit with my persona and image, I will not represent it. I am pretty cautious with that.” Sun has been approached by brands that do not align with her own brand, such as a popular car company. Sun commented, “I don’t even drive! Companies find influencers like Sun through website services that act as agencies for partnering popular Instagram models and brands looking to promote through the social media platform. Sites such as Boost Insider, Scrubber, Social Native and Harper and Blake act...

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Top 10 Female Fitness Models Making Millions of Dollars on Instagram

Women in fitness programs are able to make millions of dollars with the help of their followers on Instagram. The popular platform has allowed many fitness models to promote their businesses. Sharing pictures to social media has become a profitable career for some. Here are the top 10 female fitness models earned millions on Instagram. 10. Alexa Jean Brown The mother of a one year old Alexa Jean Brown is famous for eliminating her baby weight post pregnancy. The 24-year-old model has gained 1.9 million followers on Instagram and earned $2.23 million. She runs her own website which is...

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