Month: July 2016

Moscow Beauty: Lada Kravchenko

“With over six years so far in modeling, I have seen pretty much a lot.  The most interesting thing for me is how fast the industry changes and how different all the international markets are today.  There was a huge shift from super skinny anorexic girls having an ‘alien’ look, to fit or healthy and glowing models for both fashion and commercial runways.  Also, their role has changed.  Before girls were money making machines, now they need to have personality in order to participate more and more in advertising campaigns as spokes persons.  They also need to have a clear...

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Kelly Potts: A Surfer Full of Heart and Soul

Surfer babe Kelly Potts is a native of Hawaii who currently lives in Maui; surfing not just for her own enjoyment but also for the benefit of others. Kelly has been professionally surfing for more than 15 years of her life and she doesn’t seem to get tired of it. She said that she used to struggle when it came to deciding which path to take. With her skills and talent in surfing, it was whether to compete or become a sexy model. To her, it was not enough, until she found it in her heart that using her...

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Reluctant Up-and-Comer Hedvig Palm

Hedvig Palm never meant to become a model. Her career started slowly and reluctantly at the age of fifteen when she was discovered in Stockholm. The first time she was approached by someone who wanted to represent her, she wasn’t interested, but agents kept coming at her. A year after she was first approached, she ran into the same person who discovered her that first time, and he once again tried to sign her. She said okay and had a test shoot that she kept a secret from all of her friends. Because school was, and always has been,...

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Slim and Fit Beauty: Kate Sullivan

Kate Sullivan is a young woman with wonderful dreams ahead. This twenty-two year old Jersey girl is independently working her way to a path full of excitement, fitness and fame. Using social media as her tool, she has become a fitness model, sharing her secrets to everyone. It all started in 2013 where she first joined Twitter and later Instagram; posting pictures of her slim and toned body (which spoke for itself and did the work), garnering over 400 thousand followers. She has been associated with “Women’s Best” – an Austrian health supplement company that creates a wide range...

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Hana Jirickova: A Little Bit Boho, A Little Bit Rock & Roll

It’s unsurprising that model Hana Jirickova credits Kate Moss, Blondie, and Audrey Hepburn as her influences. The up-and-coming Dutch model contains multitudes. She is not only a high fashion model, but an artist who treasures the classics and rock and roll influences alike. Jirickova first broke onto the scene back in 2007 when she won the Elite Model Look 2007 Slovakia Contest. Since then, she has been signed with top agencies such as Elite Paris, Elite Milan, and Model Management Hamburg. The boho beauty is as natural as they come and appreciates the simple things in life, stating that...

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