Month: August 2016

Kayleigh Douglas: Working Her Way to Fame

Originally from England but now living in Brisbane, Australia, Kayleigh Douglas is a woman filled with beauty, brains and a good heart. Aside from her modeling career, she is a dedicated nurse who is passionate about helping others. She is a health enthusiast as well as an animal lover. Kayleigh’s fame scaled up as she placed second in Maxim’s Australian Swimwear Modeling Contest in 2015. Having over 30 thousand followers on Instagram (@kayleighdouglas), she has become an influential person to others especially to women. Her stunning body is one that women ask for (especially during summer time, maybe). Her...

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Young, Reckless and Beautiful: Gabrielle Epstein of Gold Coast

Gabrielle Grace Epstein is an Australian Instagram sensation who amazes and influences a number of people with her perky personality and sexy body. At a young age, Gabrielle, or Gabby as some call her, has always been an active and outgoing lady. She started as a social media personality who ended up working part-time as a model at the age of 15 just after she graduated from high school. Gabby has endorsed a couple of products such as eyewear brands as well as “Women’s Best Fitness” and “Young and Reckless”. She also endorsed “Brighter White” which is an Australian...

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Meet the Beautiful Canadian Model: Crista Cober

Crista Cober is a popular Canadian model, who has been in this industry since more than 12 years. Yes, you heard it right! For over a decade Crista is in the modeling world and has set her position as one of the top 50 models in the world. Cober’s Instagram account is an evidence of her huge fan following with 27,800 followers. She has posted 889 posts till now on her Instagram account. Crista Cober regularly posts her photographs on Instagram, including both personal and professional. Her professional photographs include her photo shoots for the various brands she endorses,...

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Shania Perrett: A Young Social Media Star

Shania Perrett is an Australian social media star who is mostly known for her Instagram Page (@shaniaperrett). She was born on March 1, 1997 and grew up in Gold Coast, Australia with two sisters and a brother. She says that along with her siblings, she grew up having a lot of pets such as horses, dogs, cats, geese, guinea pigs and birds; making her grow up as a natural animal lover despite being allergic to furry animals. Ever since she left school at the age of 15, she worked full time in the customer service for almost a year. In...

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