Month: December 2016

The Most Discussed Issues on Facebook and Instagram

Both Facebook and Instagram are popular social media networks that are used by over millions of active users every day. Where Facebook is most used to connect with friends through chatting and posts, Instagram is used to connect to people by posting pictures. Both these social media networks are famous in their own way. Besides personal fun, many people today use social media to grow their business. They let their customers know about their business by posting pictures on Instagram as well as Facebook. Through social media, people get to know about the latest happenings that are going on...

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Sam Garner: Young, Blonde, and Beautiful

Sam Garner is no stranger to being a figure of persuasion. Working as an after-sales agent in the automotive industry, she regularly finds herself in an environment where she interfaces with clients to close deals. This line of work has geared her with the necessary skills to be an effective ambassador for brands that are looking to amplify their online presence. Add the fact that she has a stunning face and an immaculate figure, and you have yourself a successful model in the making. I love giving my opinion as I’ve found many people may not have perceived things...

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Linda Borini: Model, Dancer, and Performer

Being part of the modeling industry is a foolproof way to immerse one’s self in different experiences that are beyond the ordinary. This is one of the main reasons why aspiring models of all ages are doing everything that they can in order to work with big brands! The same can be told for Linda Borini, but this does not mean that she has no feathers on her cap yet. Being a ballerina, a circus performer, and a manager of her own non-profit performance art company, Linda has a wealth of experiences that make her a great fit for...

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Tips for beginner models

Are you planning to be a model? Have you just started with your modeling career? If yes, then this is the right place for you, as here you can get to know some tips for beginner models. These tips are offered by experts, so you can be sure that they will completely work. You just need to follow them and see how your modeling career grows. Get a good portfolio When you have just started with your modeling career, hire the best photographer you can get to shoot your portfolio. If you are serious about modeling, you must get...

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Top 10 Instagram don’ts for businesses

Instagram is a great social media network for your company’s visibility and branding. You can curate and share images as well as videos on this social networking platform in order to attract customers for your brand. By posting unique and great content, you can enhance the experience of any Instagram user who visits your company’s account. However, it is imperative that you use this photo sharing platform in the right way to benefit from it. Just like there are marketing guidelines for all other social media platforms, Instagram too has some set of rules for businesses, which are important...

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