Month: December 2016

Raiden Wise: Androgyny at its Finest

Being a model requires having your own fashion style that will not only show off your personality, but will also set you apart from the rest. Consider every single model that you can think of: in addition to looking great in designer garb as they do editorials, they also have their own way of projecting who they really are through the pieces that they wear on their down time. Raiden Wise is a strong contender in this front. Unlike other ambassadors who endorse brand for endorsement sake, Raiden is guided with a purpose: to show the world who she...

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Tim Stevenson: Model and Everything Rolled into One

In the modeling world, beautiful faces are a dime a dozen. Having the right looks and body is no longer enough, especially since more and more people are trying to strike it big in this industry. To set yourself apart from the crowd, you better have a set of skills that will help you stand out from the rest. This is where Tim Stevenson strikes gold. In addition to his unparalleled influence, he also has a clear set of skills that makes him a lot more than other aspiring models out there. First and foremost, he is an entrepreneur....

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Beautiful Beach Babe: Kayla Jones

Some say that being somewhere sunny has a way of influencing one’s personality. It is no coincidence that people who surf and lounge around on the beach a lot are also those who have sunny dispositions and a positive take on life. Kayla Jones is one of these people. Being a bona fide lover of sand and the sun, she has a bright personality that is very much apparent in every single one of the photos that she posts online. She has a personality that is as bright as the rays of the sun; and one that is surely...

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Sexy and Curvaceous Kendra High

Models come in all shapes and sizes. In the world of online modeling, what matters is the kind of influence that an aspiring ambassador has on his or her online followers. Kendra High, a 25-year-old aspiring model, has all these and more. In addition to her stellar looks, she has a way with connecting to people using her social media posts and boosting brand partnerships for businesses that work with her. Treat me like a game. I’ll show you how it’s played. – Kendra High Much like other young women her age, Kendra knows and loves to have fun....

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Meet Model Mom Jessica Johnson

Gone are the days when modeling is a world that is exclusive mainly to the young ones. Thanks to the advent of technology and to the opportunities that social media have come to offer to different types of influencers, ambassadors of different status can no use their online influence to build their brands online. This is the revolution that mom and model Jessica Johnson shines in. Juggling the demands of being a mother and an up and coming model, this beautiful 29-year-old certainly has what it takes to make her dreams come true! Loving myself and the path that...

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