Month: December 2016

Cassie Presnell: A Destiny for Fashion

It is normal for teenage girls to be interested in fashion, but only a few are chosen to take a path that will lead them to the heart of the fashion industry. Cassie Presnell is one of those chosen few. This young lady has an inherent interest in the fashion industry and she would very much want to be a part of it. Fashion and cosmetics are a big deal for girls her age, yes, but Cassie has her heart set on being a part of this world — and she is willing to work for it! One look...

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Tell One of a Kind Stories with Sage Bartow

Modeling is a form of storytelling where one ambassador tells a story of a powerful brand that can also reap wonders for his or her followers and fans. For this reason, scouts should look for online models who do not only look good but who can also make the brand story relatable and palatable. Sage Bartow fits the job to a T, and with her love for performing, there is no denying the fact that this young woman can be a powerful influencer in the social media space. At a young age of 17 years, Sage is an expert...

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Model and Adventurer Josh Whitehead

It’s not uncommon for models to have personal influences that drew them into the business of modeling. This 19-year-old male model, Josh Whitehead, is no different. Having close kin in marketing and advertising, Josh is not new to the world of endorsing products and influencing other’s purchasing power. This is one of the many qualities that will make him an influential IG model. “I have a lot of family in marketing and advertising and I would love to start with this.” – Josh Whitehead Much like other college sophomores, Josh finds the beauty in the spontaneous. He enjoys various...

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Top 10 Instagram do’s for businesses

Instagram is widely used by people across the world. No matter if it is for personal purposes or for business purposes, Instagram has become a favorite of many users as compared to other social platforms. The reason behind this is that Instagram has universal content and is more anonymous that other social media platforms like Facebook. This shows that Instagram is a very appealing social media platform, particularly for businesses who want to grow their brand and the image of their brand. Instagram is an ideal social platform to make your brand identifiable. However, you need to follow some...

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