Month: January 2017

All Eye on our Exotic Beauty, Vanessa Terschluse

No one can deny that mixed-race models have an edge, especially when it comes to the exotic looks that they bring to the table. While you may agree with this or not, there is no doubt that one look at Half-Brazilian and Half-German Vanessa Terschluse is all that you need to see how beautiful she is. Be it in person or in photos, Vanessa exudes a captivating aura that draws people in. With her curly hair and exotic features, this 19-year-old young lady is all set to take the online modeling world by storm! The moment you stop trying...

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Shambriah McCullough: Bold and Beautiful

There are millions of people on social media. While this may be favorable for brands, striking the right kind of online content that will appeal best among social media users can be tricky. Fortunately, there are online ambassadors who can give businesses an online boost! The secret lies in finding the right person who has the right amount of crowd appeal and personality. Shambriah McCullough has both. Her Instagram account currently has more than eight thousand followers and counting! She also has a solid roster of followers from all over the globe, making her a potentially influential social media...

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Dominique Simmons: Boost your Brand with the Whole Sexy Package

“Different looks. All beautiful.” Do a quick browse of Dominique Simmon’s Instagram feed and you will surely catch yourself saying that. Her profile is filled with photos of her showing off various outfits and, of course, her curvaceous body! No one can deny that Dominique is a beautiful girl and that she would do well as an online model. Let’s begin with her features. While most of her selfies and photos show her wearing make-up, it will not be hard to imagine how naturally pretty Dominique Simmons is. She has powerful features that draw people in, which is porbably...

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Model and Role Model Lunden De’Leon

Based on the fact that both fields place a premium on beauty, it is not uncommon for hardworking personalities to toe the line between modeling and entertainment. The same can be said for online modeling. Because well-known people with already pristine reputations usually have astounding social media following, it is often a great move for brands to work with them in order to promote their products online. Fashion and beauty brands that are looking to bring their social media marketing efforts to the next level should definitely work with Lunden De’Leon. In addition to being an extremely beautiful woman,...

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Get Goofy with Debonair George Garcia

In the field of online modeling, it’s not enough that you look good. You also need to have a captivating personality to boot. Looks gather followers, but it’s personality that makes keeps them from hitting the Unfollow button. Jorge Garcia is one of the few people who strike the right balance between looks and personality. One look at this dashing young man is enough to captivate even the pickiest of followers. His exotic looks and powerful eyes fit the mold for a dashing, social media debonair. In addition to these features, the main thing that keeps Jorge’s followers entertained...

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