Month: January 2017

Natasha chill, cool, sexy

Natasha Gardner is the blondie you don’t want to miss while crossing the street but embrace her. This cute blondie is chill, is cool, I love beach-like, sexy, trendy and model material. Looks like Heidi in her young years. She follows the latest trends and does her best when it comes to her looks. It is pretty obvious on her profile that she could be the next Coco girl, perfectly looks with hats and all sorts of hats! She rocks at beach photo sessions with steamingly hot looks. She adores walks by the beach, embraces nature, exercises. She looks...

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Elijah, really has it all !

Elijah is an another young and multitalented charismatic and fun person who has a lot to offer. This young model also has the talent to sing, catching relaxing and beautiful notes like a symphony and also slim build perfectly shaped for photo sessions. He is quite original and he is not just an ordinary model that has a lot of courage to show off whatever they tell them to. He has a compilation of photos that proves he is capable of almost anything. His previous experience is quite extensive: experienced customed mascot, good at his vocal performance and also...

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Morgan West Vicious and Sexy

Nonordinary type of model, spreading weirdness all over her profile, Morgan West is not like any other models. Mixed style attracts many, no anyone expresses how to feel about this young girl. For many she is just another trying too hard to be sexy, for some just an amateur model or maybe she is worth the shot. Interesting taste in clothing she really needs to show or express her sexiness throughout her profile. With her gymnast abilities and swings makes your eye to spin. Although she looks ordinary, she is quite family oriented girl which holds intense girl-next-door looks,...

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Cuteness Overload, Danaisa Newton

Stylish and cute model, Danaise loves everything that includes Fashion and Style and her power is her belief in beauty. She also believes in everything that is cute on Tumblr and that has a sense of beauty. Most of the viewers agree because of it the elements that make the model beau at first place. She’s very cute, young spirit that is both childlike and mature. It’s a fact because everything looks sexy on there, from sports shorts to dresses! That uniqueness is very rare, not anyone has it and anyone that has it are not paying enough attention...

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Beauty in Her Pics, Sara McDonald

A traveler and joy maker, Sara McDonald is spreading her sexiness all over the globe. The type of travel guide that you would like to have on tour. Not only she has a photography talent, she is the good looking gorgeous model whose body and face fits almost every magazine picture. Fun and exciting characteristics, Sara travels all across America and also in other countries and takes amazing looking photos, no wonder why she would like to start a model career.  She looks amazing in almost everything and has this charm every man would fall for. She doesn’t need...

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