Month: February 2017

5 tips to build a timeless wardrobe

A timeless wardrobe requires you to carefully curate a nice range of statement pieces. Ranging from an embroidered long silk jacket to an embellished halter, there are a lot of silhouettes that not only look good anytime of the day, but also exude luxury. You need to prepare your wardrobe for every situation, whether it is an important meeting or a night out with friends. Do not wait until the last minute to prep up your wardrobe. Make it so that you can just grab something and go wherever you want to. So, let us look at some of...

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VANESSA VASQUEZ: Making Waves as a Future Stunner

For those who have the right looks, the field of online modeling is a viable option for a career. This holds true for young ladies and gentlemen who have the charisma to connect with their followers and to boost brands’ online presence. Scouts who are looking for the next big influencer should definitely check out Vanessa Vasquez. With more than a thousand followers on Instagram alone, this young lady is well on her way towards being quite a stunner. Vanessa is a teen model that has an angelic face and a petite frame. A quick browse through her photos,...

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ADRIELLE BURROUGHS: Born to be a Model

For some people, you do not need to see thousands of photos in order to appreciate their modeling potential. For some people, even a handful of photos are enough. Adrielle Burroughs belong to this lucky few; and she is surely one aspiring model who will take the world by storm. There are modeling aspirants who wait for years before striking it big in the industry; and there are those who get their big break at such a young age. Adrielle belongs to the latter category. Being a young 14-year-old girl, she has already worked with various agencies. This makes...

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Go to the Next Level with the Curvaceous and the Beautiful Mary Scott

When it comes to online modeling, you do not need to be stick thin in order to strike it big in the business. As long as you post engaging content that will keep your followers entertained, you will be able to reap success in this industry. Of course, it wouldn’t hurt if you are nice to look at as well. Fortunately, aspiring model Mary Scott ranks high in both categories. To say that Mary Scott has a beautiful face would be an understatement. This young lady is gorgeous; and she has the kind of face that you will not...

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