Month: July 2017

Instagram Features that you should Use

Instagram is a treasure trove of amazing features that you may use to get discovered and to reach out to thousands – even millions – of followers! The secret lies in knowing the ins and outs of this platform and fully utilizing it to boost your online modeling career. Here are some of the lesser known features that you may use in order to use Instagram more effectively. With these simple tools, you will be able to reach a bigger audience and make your online ambassador journey a breeze! Keep Old Posts with the Archive Feature If you scroll...

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Make Dreams Come True with Robyn Delabarre

Modelling is a highly competitive world to break into and stand out in. For someone to be a top online model, one needs to have the drive and determination to make her dreams come true. Brands should also scout for online ambassadors who hustles for their goals. If you are looking for an online model who is passionate and driven, then here is Robyn Delabarre. Robyn is no stranger to the field, because she has been doing it for some time now. She enjoys being in front of the camera and, judging by her photos, there is no denying...

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Give your Brand a Voice with Mallory Jordan

Models come in different shapes, sizes, and looks. What matters is the personality that exude and the life that they bring to their followers’ Instagram feeds! Brands will benefit from working with models who support different causes, mainly because today’s consumers gravitate towards brands that have purpose. And if you are looking for a model who uses her voice to support a worthwhile agenda, then Mallory Jordan is your best bet! Mallory is a student who alternates her time between studying Russian and French and building her online brand. She loves everything that has to do with culture and...

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Beauty Must-Haves for Online Models

Without a doubt, there are different products that you use to dress up every day and to create a fresher and prettier look for your followers. There is also no doubt that you need to do multiple touch ups throughout the whole day, especially during summer. What products do you need to consistently have in your beauty bag and how do you use them to maintain the right image for your online and real world followers and fans? How do you streamline your bag to avoid lugging too many things around? Read on and find out! Conceal, Protect, and...

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Live for the Moment: How to Use Live Stories to Solidify your Personal Brand

From being a simple imaging platform, Instagram has continued to evolve into a more dynamic tool that offers engaging features for its users. One of the latest innovations in the IG arsenal is the launching of the Instagram stories and live videos. These features offer users the option to share their content temporarily, as photos and videos only stay up for viewing for 24 hours. As an emerging model, you have a lot to gain by using these new features to build your personal narrative online. Here are some tips that you may use to maximize these new offers...

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