Month: August 2017

Why Brands Love Working with Online Models and Ambassadors

When it comes to the topic of building brands using social media, it is not necessarily the best choice for businesses to work with the biggest personalities. While it’s true that celebrities have a big following on Instagram, experts believe that working with models and influencers who are lesser known will be able to have almost the same effect for their businesses. This is why more and more brands have come to work and partner up with online models and ambassadors. As an online model, it will be a good decision for you to find out why brands like...

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Slay It at Work – Beauty Tips for the Office

One great thing about being an online ambassador and model is that you still have enough time to pursue another career that you love. No matter what line of work your day job may be in, you have to make sure that you maintain your personal brand and still show up with model-worthy looks on a daily basis. Believe it or not, your office look has the same impact as the ones that you wear for your online content. To ensure that you are able to maintain a reputable image at work while still rocking your favorite looks, simply...

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Listen to your Audience – Instagram Listening Tips to Boost your Personal Brand

Getting to know people and their online habits is an integral part of being an online personality, but how exactly do you do it? If you go online, you will see that different influencers use different kinds of information in order to determine their game plans. To ensure success, you need to make sure that you use strategies that specifically fit the audience that you want to reach out to. Here are some social media listening tips that you may use to boost your brand and to grow your online influence. Understand Channels and Conversations You would need to...

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Tips to Dress Up Any Outfit

There are only so many combinations that you can do using the pieces that you have in your wardrobe. Yes, this fact will make you want to go shopping, but you do not really need to! All that you need to do is to invest on the necessary accessories and use the right tips that will help you breathe life even into your most basic outfits. Here are some amazingly simple ideas that you may use to dress up the pieces that you currently have. Wear Heels with Jeans A pair of jeans, no matter what the color of...

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Get to Know your Gen Z Instagram Audience

For the longest time, marketers and online influencers have been targeting Millennials who have their own preferences and habits. However, as with the ever-changing field of marketing, it is now time to recalibrate and set your sights on a new set of online audiences: Generation Z. Here are some key things that you need to know about this younger set of audiences and how you can entice them to follow them online. Use these pieces of information to expand your reach and to build a more solid online following! They have Public and Private Sides Unlike the members of...

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