Month: September 2017


Creating your own Instagram account is your first step towards being an online influencer and brand ambassador. With that taken care of, you now need to focus your attention towards planning and posting the right kinds of content that will get you more followers and likes. When it comes to interacting with people online, certain kinds of content are able to draw favorable reactions from the discerning online audience. If you want to enjoy a better engagement rate for your own IG profile, check out the following tips and use them as you please! SHARE A DAY IN YOUR...

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Kate Zaborowski: Growing while Helping Brands Grow

Brand work with online models and brand ambassadors with a goal: to use their influence to reach out to their target audience and to grow this business. For this reason, they should be careful in choosing model partners who understands this and who is willing to help them out! Kate Zaborowski knows full well the main characteristics and responsibilities that brands expect from their ambassadors; and she is very willing to fulfill these requirements for businesses who would like to work with her. With an impressive online following and a hard-to-beat look, there is no denying the fact that...

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