Month: October 2017

Social Media Rules for Online Models

As an online model, it can be pretty easy for you to get engrossed in the process of documenting everything that you do just so you can share them with your followers. While this is a good practice for your craft, you have to make sure that you are able to strike the right balance between your online and offline life. It is also integral that you avoid flooding your followers’ feeds with posts every hour, since doing so may lead them to tune out and unfollow your account. Here are four of the most useful social media rules...

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2.3 Million Followers Prove that Galinka Mirgaeva Rocks

Russia is a country of many wonders. The most precious of them all could quite possibly be Galinka Mirgaeva- the 30 year old Instagram queen. Galinka is such a joy for the eyes. Well, somebody did a pretty good job naming her that – her name literally means joyful! Often compared to the one and only Angelina Jolie, this curvaceous woman can really be put in the same basket as the famous actress and humanitarian when it comes to beauty standards. Other than her luscious lips and cat eyes, Galinka Mirgaeva is adored for her curves as well. Once...

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How Brands Benefit from Working with A Social Media Influencer

In a highly diverse social media marketplace, it can be pretty hard for brands to stand get noticed by consumers.   For this reason, online marketers use different kinds of engagement techniques that will help them stand out. One of the most common things that brands do in order to facilitate online engagement is to get the help of social media influencers and online models.  In addition to working with someone who will speak well of your brand, this technique comes with other benefits that help build a brand story and a brand voice.  Here are four of the main benefits...

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Help your Partner Brands with the Following Instagram Tips

Online influencers are under the impression that finding brand sponsors and getting sponsorship contract is the hardest thing to do.  While the process may be a little challenging, it is actually just the start of a very complicated yet rewarding journey.  What do you do after you sign your contract?  How do you launch your content online?   How do you keep your brand sponsors happy?  If these are questions that you often find running across your mind, then this article will be of great help for you.  Here are some Instagram tips that you may use in order to launch...

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Top Fruits for a Body Detox

You have to take care of yourself and you have to keep your physique in tip-top shape if you want to be a successful online model.  What most people do not understand is that being a healthy and maintaining a healthy lifestyle involves more than going to the gym.  You also need to be conscious about the kinds of foods that you eat in order to maximize your body’s capabilities.  For you to achieve the best physique yet, it will be a good idea for you to take on a cleanse or a detox every once in a while....

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