Month: October 2017

Hairstyle Tips for Online Models on Instagram

In the same way that fashion changes from season to season, so does beauty and hairstyles. If you want to impress your followers and solidify your reputation as an online model, then you have to keep abreast of these trends and use them for your own content.  Here are some of the hottest hair style trends that would help keep you ahead of the game.  Use them the next time that you launch your beauty content and see how your own followers will react to them. Athletic Hair Since more and more people are starting to realize that wellness...

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How You Can Learn from Instagram’s Top Influencers

As an online model and brand ambassador, there is no doubt that you have the habit of looking through other influencers’ profiles and end up wishing that your photos can be as beautiful as theirs. For sure, there are also times when you look at their post and wonder how you too can get a ton of likes and comments. Well guess what, you are already on your first step to being one of Instagram stop influencers.  All that you have to do now is to analyze their social media efforts more carefully and see how you can create the...

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Trends That Cross Over from Summer to Fall

As seasons change, people often find themselves changing up their wardrobe in order to wear clothes that better fit the temperature and the climate.  As an online influencer, you have to make sure that you do this in order to keep up with the changing fashion trends.  However, no one can deny the fact that there are just certain trends that are just too good to let go of. Here are some of summer’s greatest trends that are powerful enough to make their way and cross over to the fall season. Big and Bold Earrings Fashion icons all over the...

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How to Maximize Instagram Collections

Thanks to the new features that Instagram keeps rolling out for its users, there are now a ton of features that influencers can use to engage with their audience.  One of these useful and effective features are Instagram collections. Your collections are composed of the posts that you saved, including the ones that you launched yourself and the ones that are hosted on other people’s accounts.  There are different ways through which you can use this feature,  especially if you are an influencer who wants to grow your following and who wants to attract different brands. Analyze your Competitors...

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90’s Kids Rejoice: Past Trends that are Making Big Comebacks 

When it comes to fashion, there are certain trends that just won’t quit.  If you grew up in the 90s, then there is a big chance that you are absolutely excited about the huge 90s trends that are starting to hit the world’s most fashionable streets. If you are looking for ideas that you may use to add more star power to your outfit posts, then you should look through the season’s biggest comeback and see which one you can use. Here are some of the biggest 90s trends that are starting to make the biggest comebacks.  Shiny Slip...

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