Month: December 2017

Mariano Di Vaio: The Casanova of 21st Century

Mariano Di Vaio is possibly the hottest man alive! Every single woman on earth drools over him, while men don’t know whether to hate him or be inspired by him. Who could hate such perfect man!? Well, I know sometimes I hate Victoria’s angels. Because they are so damn perfect! But it is okay, this hate comes from a place of admiration. It’s no sin. Mariano Di Vaio is one of the most influential fashion bloggers with something over six million followers on Instagram. This cookie is also a successful fashion designer and actor. I don’t know why he’s...

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The Best-Dressed Ladies of 2017

It’s the final countdown! With New Year just around the corner, it is about time we took a moment and appreciate the best fashion moments in 2017. Let’s turn our attention to the ladies who rocked the BESTEST outfits this year. Although not an easy task, we managed to make this list. And let me tell you this – It was a stiff competition! Here come the best-dressed ladies of 2017! Gigi Hadid You can’t really make a list about fashion and not put Gigi on it! It is against the rules. After all, she probably made it to...

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Ulyana Sergeenko: Street-style star & couture designer

When Ulyana Sergeenko hits the streets, you’ll know it. Whether she’s attending a fashion event or she’s just out for a walk, this girl gets all the attention. Ulyana Sergeenko is one of the most talented fashion designers of today. She has her own brand which is adored by celebrities worldwide, but she walked a long road before getting there.  Ulyana started her ‘career’ long ago in manual workshops in Kazakhstan. She had no intention whatsoever to settle for that. Education is the best way to move upwards in the world. After finishing her studies at the Faculty of...

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There’s nothing worse than time wasted. Whatever you did wrong can be improved, but one thing you can’t do is turn back time. If you know how, please share. If you don’t, then you understand how important it is to spend your time wisely. Let me be clear here. Instagram is not a waste of time. Instagram can be your magic lamp; if you know how to rub it right! (no perverted thoughts intended) Other than knowing who you should follow on Instagram, it is CRUCIAL to know who doesn’t deserve your time. For example, you stalk Gigi Hadid’s...

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Instagram Fave Fashion Trends of 2017

Fashion and women do go hand in hand. You know the feeling a good clothing piece can give you. Better than sex. (JK, of course, but close enough) How 2017’s fashion went on Instagram? It was all about boldness, colors, sparkles, challenges, rebellious optimism. And we enjoyed every second of it! It was a fun ride. Let’s celebrate the best fashion inspirations we got from Instagram. 1.Puma Suede Heart sneakers No other sneaker can take the legendary Converse’s place. But Puma Suede Heart sneakers did get pretty close. Once our loved fashionistas on Instagram started wearing them, we wanted...

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