Month: December 2017

What Our Loved Instagram Stars Were Like in High School

Your favorite Instagram stars may be stars now, but what their social status was in high school is a whole other discussion. A discussion we’re going to have right here, right now! Feel free to join in. Gigi Hadid Queen G is getting a lot of attention nowadays, but she was nobody in high school. Oh, God, who am I kidding!? Of course, she was Miss Popular! Back in the day, Gigi’s greatest passion was volleyball. She actually went to Junior Olympic qualifiers for volleyball. Quite expected, Gigi Hadid was the school’s captain of the volleyball team. Her high...

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Prepare Detox Water and enjoy all of its benefits

Detox water is gaining on popularity with each passing day. Because of its numerous health benefits, detox water is the new beer (or whatever your poison is). Only a slice of fruit or vegetable in a glass of water helps weight loss. To be honest, there is really nothing more refreshing than a vitamin bomb in a glass for a bright morning. The discussion on how much toxins does this drink remove from the body is still ongoing, but one thing is for sure- it can’t do you no harm whatsoever. Only benefit you in the most extraordinary ways!...

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What your Instagram profile can reveal about you

People nowadays feel the need to share whatever they’re doing on Instagram. Whether it is a special meal, a trip to the other city or getting engaged- if you don’t post it on Instagram it is like it never happened. Since Instagram is not just an app, but apparently a lifestyle, thousands of scientists are trying to get to the very core of why people act this way or the other on Instagram. And once they get to the core, they can see right through you. Here’s what researchers and scientists from all around the globe concluded. And their...

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Selena Gomez: 6 Outfits Per One Day

Just a week ago, London was the happy host of the British Fashion Awards. Thousands of celebrities from different industries attended the event, and they really dressed for the occasion. Being the fashion icon that she is, Selena Gomez couldn’t resist RSVPING ‘going‘ either! The very first moment Selena Gomez stepped in London, she managed to turn everyone’s heads in her direction.   Kate Young- Selena’s stylist, wanted London to know that the star is here to make a statement as soon as she set foot on the ground. Selena Gomez was spotted in a Coach jacket, Cotton Citizen...

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Another Cinderella Story: Claudia Schiffer

Do you want to hear Claudia Schiffer’s story? We promise it’s a fun one. And also pretty unbelievable! Claudia Schiffer was born on August, 25, 1970 in Rheinberg, West Germany. At just 17, young and shy Claudia Schiffer had an encounter with fate. Here’s how it all begun. Once upon a time… oh, this is not Cinderella’s story. Let me begin again. One ordinary evening, the Schiffer family was having guests over. Since Claudia was 17 at the time, she was in charge of the fun. The local club in her town was not a good idea, so they’ve...

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