Beauty trends change by the time and the hairstyles, makeup ad dressing ideas you used to rock last year can already be old-fashioned this year. That’s why we follow beauty experts to find out what’s new and more fashionable. Below we’ll discuss the beauty trends for 2018 in order to help you update your style and wardrobe with modern touches and twists.

Skincare as Makeup

2018 is all about less cake and more skin. That is to say, instead of heavy makeups you may just go for super glowing skin. Try to find out the best skincare routine according to your skin type and bring it to possible healthy state. Then, you won’t need any makeup to look beautiful. Just some thin eyeliner, mascara, light and natural lipstick and you are done with a super trendy makeup idea.  According professional makeup artists this is the “beautiful, natural skin” trend we haven’t seen long ago.

Multi-Tasking Products

The use of multi-tasking products is increasing every day. Instead of a string of skincare and makeup products women today use a few yet multi-tasking options that can decrease your 10-step skin care routine into 5 steps or even less. So, from now on, try to find a product that can do two things at the same time. It will save you money and time.

Big Hair+ Accessories

Now, something new about hairstyle trends and accessories. While makeup ideas are becoming more natural, hair requires more care this year. 2018 hair trends are as follows; short cuts, natural-looking curls, big and bouncy waves, undone wet look, sassy yet simple plaits, bob cuts with fringes and flyaway bangs. As for accessories, they are inspired by our lovely vintage schoolgirl styles. Focus on all styles of headbands, scrunchies from the 90s, headscarves, hair accessories with the pearls, gold barrettes, lace and ribbon warps, leather pieces, flower crowns, classic black hair ties and bobby pins.

Hair Color: Blonde, Blonde and Again Blonde

The biggest hair color trends for 2018 are all shades of blonde starting from the dirty blonde to the lightest ash blonde. Consider rocking dark roots with warm golden blonde tips. Opt for two-tone blonde hair colors that start with a dark tone and end with a light shade. Keep your eyes on the best celebrity blonde hair colors to make the right choice for your skin tone and eyes. And, special for those that want something extravagant and unique for 2018, there is the silver hair color trend. The choice is up to you.

Prom Makeup: Blush and Glitter

When it comes to prom makeup ideas we usually meet bolder looks among celebrities. This year you’ll replace the ordinary contouring with blush, metallic touches and glitter. Natural face shapes are back but they require more glitter and statement with the help of creative touches. Don’t be afraid of extravagant experiments as they can make you stand out with your unique style. Consider using glitter eye shadows as well as glitter lipsticks for your upcoming prom makeups.