While many bloggers are into the themes of the best or worst dressed celebrities at the 2018 MTV VMAs, we are here to be admired by the most luxurious outfit trends represented at this posh event. Let’s take a look at the most beautiful glossy outfit ideas from celebrities. It seems as if this is a big trend and is becoming more popular day by day. You may consider rocking a glossy dress for the upcoming prom nights or evening parties. So, try to find a good inspiration from these fancy looks.

Jennifer Lopez

So, the most popular shade accompanied by glossy effects was silver. One of the best looks at the 2018 MTV VMAs event belongs to Jennifer Lopez. She was in a long glossy dress from Versace combined with silver-shaded high heels. The look was accompanied with cool makeup and simple long hairstyle that highlights her hot femininity. As a result, JeLo has created a super elegant and classy look.

Jasmine Sanders

The next is Jasmine Sanders with another glossy dress. Her choice is really very attractive and impressive. It is from Dundas and looks perfect with these silver shoes. Her makeup and clutch seem to be of the same theme and tend to complete the luxurious combination.


The dark silver dress with shiny gloss looks elegant with dark skin tone. So, Ashanti has chosen the best shade of silver for her outfit. It also works well with her makeup and dark black hairstyle. The look is quite romantic and posh.

Karlie Kloss

Elie Saab has provided Karlie Kloss with a fantastic piece of prom outfit that looks so luxurious and fabulous. It is a long shiny dress in silver beatified with golden highlights on the top part. Karlie has matched it with gorgeous high heels and kept her look as simple as possible with the casual wavy hairstyle.

Ariana Grande

As for Ariana Grande, she was rocking something mixed and fascinating that evening. Her mini dress with interesting patterns and trims was accompanied by glossy silver boots, which were harmoniously matched with the silvery and glossy touches on her outfit.

Olivia Munn

Olivia Munn was sparkling in a long and polished dress from David Koma. It was glossy purple matched with cute and classic high heels. She has kept her look simple with minimal makeup and accessories. Her hairstyle is also casual enough for prom but it looks well-balanced with her outfit.

Bebe Rexha

Crop tops and long straight skirts are one of the most requested prom outfit trends for 2018. Nowadays, women prefer more luxurious styles like Bebe Rexha’s silver-glossy outfit. It goes well with her smoky eye makeup and straight blonde hairstyle.

Grace Vanderwaal

Grace VanderWaal’s look was perhaps the most interesting and unique one. It has a kind of retro touch in it and grabs attention due to its modest style. She has gone for a vintage-style dress but has kept it modern with silver gloss. Her accessories including the black hat, white socks and again retro shoes complete the overall unrepeated look.

Keltie Knight

The coziest dress with no embellishments and trims was represented by Keltie Knight in Saint Laurent. Although she has opted for a simple style her silver dress sparkles with all its beauty. The chosen shoes are again casual-looking and the makeup is just matched with the dress.