Month: January 2018

45 Social Media Stars Share Their Advice on How Make This An Awesome 2018

Do you plan to make 2018 better than 2017? Would you like some inspiration about different areas to focus on? We turned to 45 social media stars and asked them to share their ideas on how to make this an awesome 2018. Annie Lawless After being diagnosed with Celiac disease at a young age after years of suffering from a multitude of symptoms, Annie Lawless learned very quickly the direct correlation between what you put in and on your body to how you look, and, most importantly, how you feel. This revelation led her to delve deeply into the...

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These two models are redefining beauty

To succeed in this world of stereotypes, deeply rooted standards, and unwillingness to look beyond the surface is in no way an easy task. Especially if you are trying to succeed as a model. People have so many opinions on how much someone is supposed to weight, what’s the perfect height, how full one’s lips should or shouldn’t be and thousands of trivial things. I don’t know how the world doesn’t get tired of being so f*cking opinionated! It’s hard to fit everybody’s standards. Other than those models who work hard to get the world’s approval, there are those...

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Dude of the month: Lucky Blue Smith

Lucky Blue Smith has been modeling since that age when we were playing hide and seek. He is born in 1998, and his beauty was recognized by the young age of ten. Lucky was lucky enough to be signed to an international modeling agency by the age of 12. Today, Lucky Blue Smith is 19-years-old and is already achieving so much on both professional and personal level. It really makes me question WTF am I doing with my life, but okay, I don’t have his looks. As mentioned above, Smith was scouted when he was just 10, in the...

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6 Instagram Tips Every Beginner Must Know

Although it is hard to believe, it is actually true; there are people who are not on Instagram. WTF guys, what do you do all day if you’re not scrolling on Instagram? I have a reputation for being open-minded, not judgemental, and very understanding. They say don’t judge what you don’t understand. Well, people not being on Instagram I do not understand. And I am judging so hard! To avoid mine (not like you care) and the world’s judgments, it is time you downloaded the app. As an apology for judging you, I will present you with 6  Instagram...

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Meet Angela Crickmore: Your New Instagram Inspiration

Have you heard of Angela Crickmore? If you have, she already inspired you in so many ways. If you haven’t, be prepared for major motivation! Let’s hear her story. Angela Crickmore managed to lose more than 70lbs in just 8 months. Being used to her natural slim self during her younger days, Angela knew that she had to put a stop to her bad eating habits and unhealthy lifestyle which made her gain weight … more than she ever bargained for. Her weight gain started to get out of control during the happiest times of a girl’s life –...

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