Month: January 2018

How to become an Instagram model

Instagram is one of the most famous and most entertaining social platforms. Other than providing us tons of fun, nowadays Instagram has become a powerful business tool as well. Thousands of people use Instagram to promote their brands, reach target audiences and customers, and it is used for noble causes like raising awareness on the importance of making the world a better place. Even modeling agencies use Instagram to share model news, promote supermodels, and hire new talents for their upcoming campaigns or runway shows. Who knows what the future holds for you. You may be the next Gigi...

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Olivia Palermo is more than a celebrity, she’s a brand

You can’t really say Olivia Palermo is just a celebrity. Yes, the whole world is familiar with who she is. But this 30-year-old is the most influential socialite ever. Olivia Palermo knew how to direct her fame on the right path. When she first appeared on TV back in 2008 in the reality TV series The City, she was well aware that the show is just the beginning for her. Nowadays, Palermo is a multimillion lifestyle and fashion brand. It is no wonder why Olivia Palermo has something over five million followers on Instagram! And her followers are the...

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