Month: April 2018

Trendy Clutches 2018

Would you like to complete your style with new accessories? Stay with us because today we’ll discover the best clutches for 2018. A trendy bag or clutch can change up your entire look adding a style statement and a fancy touch to it. Women with sporty style can transform into elegant ladies with the right chosen classic outfits and clutches and women with too glamorous styles can go for a bit sporty with cozy clutches. So, check out our list to find your style. Tiny Belt Clutch Perhaps one of the most convenient clutches out there is the belt...

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Wedding Trends to Avoid this Year

Planning and organizing a wedding is a hard and tiring process. It requires time, creativity and of course lots of money. On the other hand, it’s fun and interesting. Any woman dreams of a wonderful wedding and does her best to make it unforgettable and romantic. While every wedding ceremony is unique and beautiful, there are wedding trends to avoid this year. If you want to stand out with a fashionable and up-to-date wedding plan, then make sure you don’t make the below represented mistakes. Vintage Table Decorations Well, vintage is always beautiful but it’s not always stylish. We...

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How to Get Ready for Swimsuit Season

We wait for the sunny season with such a great excitement as if it’s something very special and important in our lives. Well, actually it’s one of the best times of the year that gifts us unforgettable moments and memories. The lovely sun that shines on the sea and warms up the soft sand is so pleasant when you are on the beach. While men have nothing to prepare for the beach season, women have a lot to care about. Today we’ll discuss some tips on how to get ready for the swimsuit season. That is to say, your...

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