Month: August 2018

Facial Essence: Why Korean Women Love It

According to Charlotte Cho, the co-founder of K-beauty retailer, “Essences are the heart of Korean skin-care routines”. They shouldn’t be confused with serums. Facial essence has lightweight, watery, and quick-absorbing texture. But still, do you really need it? Is it an unnecessary step that you should or shouldn’t include in your every day skin-routine? “Essences are the heart of Korean skin-care routines. They shouldn’t be confused with serums” What is Facial Essence? The lightweight hydrating liquid product that is designed to prepare your skin for serum or moisturizer is called facial essence. It goes after the toner, and before...

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The Latest Beauty Looks from Red Carpet

Everyone was excited about the MTV VMAs events and now everyone is discussing the best and worst looks, the best or worst outfit ideas and so on. This time we’ll refer to the latest beauty looks from red carpet. While the number of participants is really impressive, we’ll take a look at some of the best looks to find our ultimate inspiration for the coming season. Kylie Jenner Leaving alone her outfit we’ll start from the makeup and hairstyle. Kylie has gone for a new blonde shade, which is ideally matched with modest matte makeup. Keeping her lips natural-looking,...

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Bob Haircut Trends

Bob has a rich and old history and it’s the haircut that can change your image and look into an absolutely new one. Those who seek for big transformations often choose a bob cut. Since there are millions of retro and modern bob haircuts we’ll take a look at the trendiest bob haircuts for the moment. Check out the list and choose a new haircut with the help of a professional hairstylist. Make sure the chosen bob suits your face shape and facial features. French Bob Haircut The popular French bob is the well-known retro style that has become...

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8 Things to Do on Sunday For a Better Week Start

For many of us, Sunday is the perfect day for relaxing, sleep longer and spend our day in pajamas. It’s a real pleasure not to do anything on Sunday, but we are all aware of the fact that day after comes Monday. Moreover, Mondays can be quite depressing. However, it doesn’t have to be that way. There are things to do on Sunday for a better week start, and I gathered them around for you. With these things prepared, you will come back from Monday work feeling much more refreshed and ready for the rest of the week ahead. ...

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Modeling Tips for Beginners

Nowadays the tricks of becoming popular in a short period of time are various and everyone tries to find the most successful way. Perhaps the most popular way of gaining fame is using social platforms especially Instagram. Many women grab attention and soon become true models thanks to this huge platform where everyone shares their interests, best photos, life stories and whatever they want. While some have professional knowledge about modern modeling others don’t succeed because of the lack of this knowledge. If you want to become a successful model then follow our modeling tips for beginners. Be Confident...

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