Month: September 2018

Hottest Hair Moments Fall 2018

It’s not a secret that the most professional stylists work with celebrities. They find new dressing ideas, makeup styles and haircuts to transform them into more eye-catching stunners. While we were offered to take the salt spray with us during this summer now we are offered fresh haircuts and hairstyles. Below we have collected the hottest hair moments for fall 2018 so that you could easily find your next hairstyle inspiration. Take a look at them thoroughly and make your choice with the help of a skillful hairstylist. Symmetrical Bob Nowadays many celebrities opt for the simple bob haircut...

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6 Ways to Detox Your Body and Mind This Fall

Even though summer isn’t officially over – at least not until September 22, nevertheless, you can feel the presence of fall in the air. Lazy summer days are over for those who started school a few days ago and for those who feel like partying season is definitely done for one year. Just because of many barbeques, pool, sea parties, and drinking you should start thinking about detox. Not even detoxing your body only – your mind should be part of this too. Here are some simple, yet very effective ways on how you can detox your body and...

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Paris Fashion Week Fall 2018: Best Street Style

You get the desired inspiration when you truly look for it. Below we have collected the best street style looks from Paris Fashion Week fall 2018 to inspire you for this autumn. What women prefer to wear on the streets of Paris and how they represent new trends? Keep on reading to discover more about the latest trends and dressing ideas for fall. Transparent Raincoats It seems as if many more fashionistas love rocking the transparent raincoat trend that grabs attention on streets. It is cozy and attractive at the same time. Instead of simple raincoats women choose shiny...

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New Dip-Dye Hair Color Ideas for the Coming Season

One of the easiest ways to transform your hair into something fresher and fancier is dying it with a new technique. Although dip-dye isn’t a new style in the fashion world but it always undergoes touch ups and refreshments so that we can find more creative solutions for our stylish hairstyles and looks. Lately, many use the popular ombre technique to get gorgeous dip-dye styles keeping the result closer to natural looks. However, there are women who prefer extravagant looks and dip-dye is a great way to play with such looks. Let’s have a look at the newest dip-dye...

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Fashion Trends Princess Diana Predicted Long Time Ago

It might sound that the tragic story of Princess Diana is like a tale, but her style is anything but outdated. She is not only one of the most famous women on the planet, but also her outfits made her unforgettable. The fashion of the ‘80s and ‘90s are mostly inspired by her impeccable looks and chic-preppy style. Even before social media was invented, Lady Di was a real influencer. Not only in fashion but as well for her royal yet a normal lifestyle. Back in the time when she was married to Prince Charles, she was usually seen...

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