Month: October 2018

How Successful Women Deal With Time: Tricks to Know

Every women challenge is good time management and organization. And whether you are working, mom, or student, dealing with time can be pretty tricky. You need to stay focused on your professional achievements, but it doesn’t mean you should destroy your mental, physical, and spiritual well-being. Being a successful woman with a lot of personal obligations is not an easy task, but some tricks can help you. Incorporate these habits, and trust me, you won’t be having time problems ever again.   Delegate Your Tasks If you think – I can do it – you will soon find yourself...

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Winter Capsule Wardrobe: All Items That You Need

What if I tell you it is possible to maximize the time you spend in bed in the morning and get ready for only 30 minutes? Don’t believe me? If you are wondering how is this even possible, the answer is pretty clear – creating a perfect winter capsule wardrobe. It will save you a lot of time, choosing, mixing clothes that you have already tried and decided not to wear. Avoiding all those I-don’t-have-anything-to-wear moments, all you need to do is to pick perfect items that you can combine with everything. Scroll down to see what these items...

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Shirtdresses and Matching Accessories

Sometimes we meet outfit ideas that are so practical and casual that we want to wear them every day. One of them is the cool combination of a shirt and dress, which is called a shirtdress. Today we’ll take a look at some of the best shirtdresses and matching accessories. If you have several styles of this outfit then stay with us to learn how to rock it in its best way. They can look both sporty and elegant with the right chosen accessories. Shirtdresses with Sneakers Sneakers are our most favorite sporty shoes that make us feel comfortable....

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Self-Care Ideas to Start Doing This Fall

Fall can be a tough time. Along with all pretty things in fall – pumpkin potages, warm soups, tea, and a fireplace, some things can really soak all your energy. The fact that days get short, the dark comes early, and holidays are just around the corner, can make you feel depressed and in lack of energy. Here are some of the self-care ideas to start doing this fall, that might help you feel good every day.   Clean Up Your Space It is a fact that (whether the season is) messy house cause even messier thinking and feeling...

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Haircut Ideas to Transform your Look

Women often get tired of the same haircut. They usually change up their style with the help of a new haircut. If you are thinking of upgrading your style then stay with us. Today we’ll talk about the most popular haircuts that can transform your look into fresher and more fashionable one. Before choosing one of these styles make sure you consult with your hairdresser to opt for the right cut suitable for your face shape and features. Your hair type will also play a great role in your choice. Short Hair Whether it’s a bob or pixie your...

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