Month: December 2018

Flu Season: How to Boost Immune System

If there is something even scarier than a cold winter period then it is definitely a flu season. Even if you take care of yourself – avoid coworkers with flu, wash your hands, and take flu shots, there is still a big chance you will get sick.   If you really want to protect yourself from flues, you don’t need to experiment much. Look no further than your immune system. There are some tested-and-proven ways on how you can fight against flu season and protect your immune system. We have prepared some of the easiest, yet efficient ways to...

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Best Christmas Movies You Should Watch Now

What do you need for a perfect holiday delight? For me, it is a warm blanket, a glass of mulled wine with a lot of cinnamon, snacks, and Christmas movies on a TV screen. Nothing can beat that feeling of joy and warmth. This year, that is exactly what I will do – go offline and watch all my favorite movies. And I recommend that to you as well.   The best thing is to gather around your family, make some snacks, and enjoy watching all your favorite Christmas movies together. These are some of the best movies you...

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8 Resolutions Every Women Should Set in 2019

Christmas is already here and you still have a lot of things to finish – food, cards for gifts, wrapping. Do it with joy and try to be less stressed out about the things. In the meantime, this is also a great opportunity for you to think about your next year goals and resolutions. Think about what do you want, how you would like to push yourself into trying new things, such as learning a new language or travel more.   Here are some of the goals every woman should set for herself in 2019. Try to remember or...

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Why You Should Create Bullet Journal in 2019: Tips and Tricks

Are you one of those extremely organized people who can handle everything? Or you know to be sloppy, forgetting things all the time because you can’t remember where you have written them down? Well, then I should introduce you to the bullet journal – your perfect way to stay creative and organized in 2019. Bullet Journal method was invented by web designer Ryder Carroll. Ryder lived with ADD (Attention Deficit Disorder) for many years, he decided it is time to do something to organize his mind and thoughts, make him less overwhelmed and more productive at the same time....

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How to Create Perfect Winter Hygge Feeling at Home

Some time back appeared a word that hardly any of us can spell right. Hygge (hoo-guh) is a Danish word that is not possible to directly translate. However, we do know what does it mean. It is about creating intimacy, coziness, connecting with people you love, and finding happiness in small things. While Danish people are considered as the happiest on our planet, creating and embracing their way of living is not so hard. Simple changes in your life can lead you to that specific hygge feeling. Unplug, make homemade hot chocolate or soup, and wrap yourself in a...

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