Between hundreds of beauty trends for 2019 today we have collected the most wearable and eye-catching ones that look both beautiful and attractive. Discover the latest beauty hacks and tricks to replace your old-fashioned tips with newer ones. Try to find the most suitable hairstyles and makeup ideas for special occasions and casual days. Stay stylish!

80’s Exaggerated Waves

So, the first beauty trend to use this year is the natural-looking wavy hairstyle from the past. This retro hairdo reminds us of 80’s celebrities who had limited hair styling ideas and techniques but looked awesome in their styles. Nowadays, we’ll see many more famous women rocking retro hairstyles and exaggerated waves are among them. Curly heads grab more attention and highlight your femininity. You can wear them for festive events as well as just for fun.

Metal and Bejeweled Hair Accessories

We were used to see many bejeweled accessories at runway shows but metal hair accessories are something new and fascinating. Starting from cute hair clips to large and eye-grabbing accessories, you’ll find interesting designs to style your locks. If before chain designs were in subtler styles to design boho hairstyles, now we see thicker and more extravagant versions of metal accessories that beautify even the simplest ponytail.

Red on Lids

Women tired of the same black eye shadow and eyeliner may try this hot trend from the latest eye makeup ideas. Use red tones to highlight the beauty of your eyes. Red eye shadows and eyeliners are on thing these days. Of course, they look bold and make you stand out in the crowd but if that’s all you want, then go ahead with this style. Opt for subtle red hues and keep the rest of your makeup more natural in order to look pleasant.

Berry Lips

Choose berry hues for your lips in 2019. They are the most pleasant shades to add a luscious and luminous attraction to lips. Bright mixtures of burgundy, red and pink provide us with that natural effect of the berry shade. You can match it with many eye makeup trends according to your skin tone and eye color. This lip color allows you to experiment with a number of bold looks.

Glossy Makeup

There is an interesting tendency to tell that this year is the year of natural makeup and the next year will be the year of glossy makeup. So, 2019 may be your best time to try some glossy makeup ideas for special occasions. You can take your ultimate glossy makeup inspiration from the latest runway shows where models appear in stunning makeup styles.

Big Textured Hair

Special for women with natural hair type, we are here to announce that they can stop straightening it as big textured hairstyles are back. Even straight-haired women go for this hairstyle as it is truly amazing. In order to get the desired result, you need to use tons of hair styling products and tools for straight hair and just a curl-enhancing spray for natural hair.