Month: February 2019

Oscars 2019: Best Gowns

Another big event is over and we are happy we can discuss the latest looks of our favorite celebrities. Let’s take a look at the best gowns from Oscars 2019. When it comes to this event all celebs do their best to sparkle with their stunning beauty. So, these fancy looks are going to give you a great inspo for wedding styles and special looks. JeLo There is something more than feminine in this fabulous women. Je Lo always stands out with her glamorous beauty and attractive style. Look at this gown that brings out her smashing body shape...

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Retro Hairstyles or Old Hollywood Glam

Your hair routine is going to get some upgrade thanks to the below represented hairstyle ideas. They are called retro hairstyles that look awesome with matching makeups. While old Hollywood glam is not something to include in your everyday beauty routine, but they are fashionable and so requested in salons. Women choose them for special occasions and we often see celebrities rocking such hairdos for red carpet events. Let’s get our inspiration. Retro Waves Hairstyle The combination of the old and new is always attractive but it looks well-balanced when the stylist has worked wisely. Here we see retro...

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What is Lykke: Why You Need to Know About It

It is a big probability that you already have heard for hygge. Now, it is the right time to get to know another Danish word, that many can’t even translate – lykke. While hygge means feeling cozy, wrapped in a blanket and drinking tea, lykke means happiness and improving the quality of your life. Turns out that Danish people are some of the happiest in the world. If you want to live a life like them, then scroll down to follow these lykke rules to live fulfilled and happy life, without complains and regrets.   Practice Togetherness In this...

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Spring Wardrobe: 7 Items you Need

It’s that time of year again – transitional weather when you are not quite sure how many layers you should wear, or should you still be wearing that long coat. Spring wardrobe knows to be complicated, but beautiful at the same time. However, you can look at the situation in the other way – your outfits should show off your creative, bold side. By wearing trends, you show off your chic, fashionable side. No matter if you have bought it in a thrift shop or in some high-end brand store, if you know how to style it, you are...

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Best Chanel Red Carpet Looks

It’s not a secret that Chanel is one of the most requested fashion brands that always comes up with innovative style and design solutions. We have collected the best Chanel red carpet looks. Take a look at this string of stylish looks and get your next fashion inspiration. Celebrities rocking Chanel outfits will keep you busy during these several minutes. Margot Robbie Off-the-shoulder gowns have been the biggest trends of the previous year and they are stylish this year too. Could you imagine a dress that has required 550 hours of work? Margot Robbie’s cute smile tells that she...

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