Instagram has more than 300 million active monthly users, including celebrities as well as common people. Most of the models and famous people out there post on their Instagram account regularly. No matter if its males or females, everyone uses this popular photo-sharing platform alike.

The internet is full of tips for using Instagram, how to increase your followers, likes, engagement, etc. on Instagram, how to post perfect pictures on Instagram, and so on. There are a lot of dos for everyone out there.

However, in this blog post, you will get to know about the dos of using Instagram, which are specifically for males. No matter whether you an aspiring model on Instagram or just a regular guy, you must keep these tips in mind and accordingly use your Instagram account. So, all the males out there, listen up to these tips.

  1. Show off your style

You must show off your unique style on style. Wear a nice well-cut suit, a leather jacket, a bow tie, or anything else that makes you look handsome and cool. Do not be coy in flaunting yourself and giving your followers a nice treat for their eyes.

Most of the popular men on Instagram comprise of fashion photographers and models. Why? There is a reason for this and it is because they post good-looking pictures. You can get some hints from David Gandy, who has some great clothes, including his pants and formal attire.

  1. Avoid food porn

You must avoid posting a lot of pictures of food on your Instagram account, a trend which is popularly known as food porn. Unless you are Jamie Oliver, who has 2.7 million Instagram followers and whose posts really look scrumptious, you should hold off on the food porn.Obviously, you can seldom post some food pictures, perhaps at a Michelin-starred restaurant, but not always.

You must know that there are currently more than 170 million food pictures on Instagram and you should not aggravate that problem. Learn from Gordon Ramsay, who has 500 thousand followers on Instagram and rarely posts striking pictures of his cooking creations.

  1. Click beautiful places

You must snap stunning places in your pictures. You should post unique places and things. Your summer holidays include much more than hotdog legs and sunbathing. A pool or a beach is same for everyone, which will not make your viewers gasp.

Thus, you must click memorable pictures, such as an impressive view of the sea clicked from your balcony in the right kind of light. However, you must not even exaggerate it. With just two or three pictures, your followers will know about it.

There is no need to post a lot of photos of the same thing. You can look at Foster Huntington’s account on Instagram. He has 956 thousand followers on Instagram. This man quit his job and takes amazing wilderness photographs. He surely knows nature.

Instagram is not like other social networking sites like Facebook or Twitter. It is for creative people. So, make sure that you make your Instagram account look creative in order to stand out from others.