Gigi Hadid is one of those few girls who can pull off everything- whether it is a hairstyle, make up trend, fashion trend, you name it. With a beauty so powerful and striking and body that rocks the runways, Gigi Hadid is a real Gladiator.

Did you know that her modeling career started at the early age of two? Yes, while you were outside eating sand, Gigi was working her way up straight to the top. After taking some time off, Gigi Hadid decided that 17 is the right age for her to take over the world. Fast forward to today, Miss Gi has over 36 million followers on Instagram, has been featured on numerous covers, she successfully infiltrated her way in music videos so it is safe to say this girl isn’t going anywhere anytime soon.

Let’s take a look at some of Gigi’s appearances that we will never forget!

1.Winning the International Model of the Year Award at the Fashion Awards 2016

It has not been easy on Gigi to be up against Lineisy Montero, Kendall Jenner, Adwoa Aboah, and even her sister Bella Hadid for the Model of the Year Award. The stakes were high, but she managed to win! Wearing a fairy-like Versace silver jumpsuit, she indeed was the queen of the night. To make things ever better, she touched everyone’s heart with her emotional speech. You can check out her heart melting speech bellow.

2.That time Gigi & Zayn appeared on the cover of Vogue

Although they’ve already been featured in Vogue as the cute couple they are, this powerful duo had the pleasure of being on the cover page as well.


If we didn’t have relationship goals before, now they’ve set them.

We will all remember June 2016 when rumor had it this high-profile couple broke up. The internet went crazy, but to put everyone’s misery to bed, Gigi soon shared a SnapChat of their matching Nutella jars. Whoo, that was a close one.

3.Gigi Hadid slaying as the host of American Music Awards 2016

It is an unwritten rule that the hosts of the American Music Awards must amaze the audience with their outfits. Well, Gigi Hadid was really up to the task. Almost one year later, we still can’t stop talking about that red dress she wore. She totally proves that a blonde in a red dress can go without introduction… but not without a body guard.

As the atmosphere wasn’t heated enough, the temperature rose for 100 degrees when she appeared on stage in an embellished blazer and short shorts by Julien Macdonald. Those short shorts totally do wonders for her long legs… or is it the other way around?

To make the night magical, Gigi decided to go with a black dress that perfectly follows her curves. The daring keyhole cutout takes this seemingly simple dress to the next level. The designer of the long-sleeved gown, Nicolas Jebran, really gave the audience a lot to talk about. Or was it because queen G was wearing it?

For every occasion whatsoever, Gigi Hadid managed to impress us. It doesn’t matter if  she’s attending a formal event, being on the cover, going to the gym… what Gigi wears everyone wants. This girl is setting the rules!