Instagram allows you to make multiple accounts within the same app. Before this feature came into existence, many Instagram users used second-party apps, most of which were difficult to use and created problems while jumping from one account to the other. However, this was abhorrently inefficient in this age of immediate gratification.

Today, Instagrammers can add up till 5 accounts, which means besides your own account, you can make an account of your pet, your baby, or other inanimate objects in your life in order to express them on this photo sharing platform.

And, although you may not get a lot of followers like Selena Gomez, the Instagram Queen, you can still enjoy the moment when you photos are liked and you get recognized on Instagram. This means that you can handle your multiple Instagram accounts like a pro, if you use the below mentioned steps.

  1. Add an additional Instagram account(s)

If you are still wondering how you can add an extra Instagram account, then this is how you can do it. Instagram has already made this process easy enough. In order to make an additional account on Instagram, you just have to start the app on your mobile, visit your profile, and click on the three dots or the gear, which is displayed on the top right hand corner of your phone screen. Then, you need to scroll down and choose “Add account” and type in your preferred username and password of the Instagram account that you want to make.

  1. Switch between different accounts

When you make multiple Instagram accounts, you definitely want to switch between them. You can do this by opening the Instagram app on your Smartphone, visiting your profile, and clicking on the username that you see at the top of your phone screen. Now, you will get to choose from your different Instagram accounts. Finally, you can choose the Instagram account that you want to manage.

  1. Remove an already added Instagram account

Maybe Your Instagram account may not be doing as well as you thought it would do. But, you should not worry as most of us face this. So, if you want to erase one of your old Instagram accounts, then you can do so by opening the Instagram app on your mobile and going to your profile. Then, you need to choose the 3 dots or the gear icon, which is displayed on the right hand corner of your phone screen.

Now, just scroll down and choose the option that says “Log out of [username].” When you log out of an account, it will automatically delete the account. And, if you want to remove all of your Instagram accounts, then you can do so by selecting the option of “Log out of All Accounts.” However, you must not rush into this, as you may regret your decision later on.

These are the 3 tips that can help you to manage your multiple Instagram accounts. Make use of them and be an Instagram pro.