There’s nothing worse than time wasted. Whatever you did wrong can be improved, but one thing you can’t do is turn back time. If you know how, please share. If you don’t, then you understand how important it is to spend your time wisely. Let me be clear here. Instagram is not a waste of time. Instagram can be your magic lamp; if you know how to rub it right! (no perverted thoughts intended)

Other than knowing who you should follow on Instagram, it is CRUCIAL to know who doesn’t deserve your time. For example, you stalk Gigi Hadid’s every move – that’s a win for you. There’s much Gigi can teach us about reaching our dreams. On the other hand, ‘wanna-be’ Gigi’s should NOT be on your list. Nothing beats originality.

Don’t get me wrong. To be inspired by influential modеls is one thing; to try to copy them is a whole other discussion. If something worked for Gigi does not mean it will work for you. Hey, if your friend recommends you something, it means she’s satisfied with the results. Not you! You might not end up with the same results. The rules are simple; nothing ever fits EVERYONE’S standards.

Here are a few tips on how to recognize people who should not be on your follow list.

A person who likes everything

You know how some people seem to love anything they post online? Yes, we get that they are advertising a certain product, but come on, be real. Not everything is the best fit. It is simple statistics, you guys. It is impossible for someone to love all those products on the market and it is less possible that they’re all good. When you deal with this type of people, you know where the unfollow button is.

A person who does not have a definite opinion on things

You know how you spend hours on someone’s profile, and once you’re done ‘stalking’ you just end up more confused? The goal here was to find some answers. Not to fill your brain with unnecessary information. For example, you want to find the best product for greasy skin. So you turn for help to Instagram. You open that beauty blogger’s profile. All of a sudden you see that person is recommending that one cream that will work miracles for your skin – because it worked with hers. And two days later she’s talking about how her skin was too dry and she’s promoting a whole other story. Nope, that’s not what you are looking for. Unfollow!

A person who does not pay attention to details

Somebody who’s really trying to help you will not be lazy to put in the details. Of course, it is totally acceptable when they put an URL for further details on the product. But they should share their own opinion on the products as well. What they liked, what they disliked. You can always search for product description on Google; you were looking for their much-appreciated opinion.