1. Do not post only professionally

When creating a brand and slogan it is good to be more creative and shows more of who/which you represent. Post more behind the scenes images and make it more personal than professional. It is important to maintain personal business in order to connect with the audience.

2. Do not over post and mix personal and business profiles

Do not make your audience angry and bored by showing on their news feed for a thousand times in a day. Post occasionally and with a reason to show in other’s news feed.
Speaking of business and personal profiles it gets tough to stay in between and they both often get mistaken and mixed. It is important to have both sides in your sleeve both business and personal profiles but always be careful not to mix them. It is an engaging thing to put some personal into your business profile and show it in more engaging and professional way to attract more followers and raise an interest in those who are previously not interested in your type of brand.

3.    Careful with captions and photos

Be one of those who represents their brand in a more vivid way through videos and speaking. It is easy to write a text and just post it along with a beau photo, but it would be more successful if you give some charm to your brand with some voice recordings and sound.
For instance, if you have 10 photos about the same category do not rush and post it in a day because not only you will not succeed in gaining more followers and interest to your brand, you will also be more boring in people’s eyes. Showing more than 3 times in other’s news feed is never a good thing.

4. No screenshots

It’s good to document every progress or error and have screenshots but it is better to keep it to yourself and do not use them as regular photos on Instagram. Screenshots are usually taken as unprofessional images of a certain activity and because Instagram is a source of beautiful images, screenshots to not take place in that source.

5.    Do not overanalyze

Instagram normally requires one hour in a day to pay attention to your profile  and to plan your future post or support other partners, influencers and other. Overanalyzing will only lead you to a deeper thought and the result from that will end up you thinking that your brand is not right or it is time to stop. Getting your brand to a greater level can be acquired with spending less on thinking what you have or haven’t done wrong and spending more time on inspiration and being more creative or promoting your brand in a creative way. So do not overpost or overanalyze, spend less on what you’ve written and spend some more time on capturing high-quality photos, give your brand more vocal charm to speak for itself and more creativity.