What better way to boost your followers on Instagram than learning from the famous Instagram models. There are many popular models on Instagram that teach us how to market yourself or a product of yours on Instagram. So, have a look at the 5 marketing techniques that Instagram models teach us.

  1. Time your Instagram posts

Do not post pictures at any time, whenever you feel like. This is because it is not necessary that your followers will be online when you post, which in turn means that they would not see your posts or status updates. Moreover, do not only rely on generic data, such as they say 3 P.M. or 8 A.M. is the best time to post.

Rather, you can use a free tool that can determine the time, when many of your followers are online. These tools can tell you the appropriate time to post on Instagram, Twitter, Google Plus, etc. This is why you may notice that many Instagram models post at a certain time, such as 6 P.M. And, this is not because they are free at that time; it is because they found out the time when most of their followers are online.

  1. Post several times in a day


Do not post just once a week or once in a day, as this will not get traffic to your Instagram account. Instead, you should post your content several times in a day in order to get more engagement and that too quickly. Additionally, you must post good content on your Instagram account, which will allow you to increase your followers.

  1. Cross promote on Instagram

No matter if you are popular on Instagram or not, you can network with other Instagram users and cross-promote their profiles. In turn, they can promote your Instagram profile. You can also ask your other followers to follow a member, who can do the same thing for you. This way you can acquire more followers and grow your account on Instagram and other social networking sites, such as Facebook Twitter, etc.

  1. Cross-promote on different social platforms

The next thing is to cross-promote your profiles on different social platforms, including Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, etc. For instance, you can ask people on Facebook to follow you on LinkedIn or Twitter. You can do this 2 o 3 times in a month. Moreover, do not cross-promote on over one network at a time, such as do not ask them to follow you on both LinkedIn and Twitter. Just ask them to follow you on only one network at a time.

  1. Show some love

Show some love to your fans like many popular Instagram models do and boost your fan following. For instance, popular models place contests on their Instagram account, which enable their followers to win something, such as a Skype date with them.

In order to enter the contest all the followers have to post that model’s picture on their Instagram account and ask their own followers to follow that model. This dramatically increases their followers. You too can do something like this. But, ensure that whatever you do is valuable to your followers.

These are the 5 marketing techniques that we learned from famous models on Instagram. Try these tips for a month and see the difference for yourself.