A timeless wardrobe requires you to carefully curate a nice range of statement pieces. Ranging from an embroidered long silk jacket to an embellished halter, there are a lot of silhouettes that not only look good anytime of the day, but also exude luxury.

You need to prepare your wardrobe for every situation, whether it is an important meeting or a night out with friends. Do not wait until the last minute to prep up your wardrobe. Make it so that you can just grab something and go wherever you want to. So, let us look at some of the ways through which you can build a timeless wardrobe.

  1. Pay attention to the winners

First of all, you need to focus on the clothes that you love to wear and those clothes that can be worn anytime. Then, gather them at one place and work on their duplicates. If you like a brand, get 2 or 3 items from that brand.

The clothes from that brand can either be same or have some variations in their construction and design. No matter what is the garment and its color, ensure that it should be similar yet have some diversity.

This will make your clothes last for long, sine you will take turns wearing them and thus save your money. Some of the pieces that you definitely need to include in your winners are denim, chinos, sweaters, black dress, blazer, and a white shirt.

  1. Add some variety to your favorites

Now, you need to add some type of variety to your favorite clothes. This means you need to accessorize them well. It can be through a nice studded belt, a light colorful scarf, or a statement neck piece. Accessories can make your overall look much better. You can buy something that stands out from a regular piece of attire, such as a nice necklace on a black dress, colorful dangles on a white kurti, a watch for your business suit, etc.

  1. Rebuild your undergarments

Do not ignore your undergarments just because they are worn inside. They should not be just relics in your closet. Throw away your ugly and old undergarments, which have been worn out and stretched out beyond their capacity.

  1. Replace old and worn items


It’s high time that you replace old and worn clothes with high quality outfits. For this, you need to arrange your clothes in your wardrobe. Put the most frequently worn outfits in the front of your wardrobe and put occasional pieces that you do not wear often at the back of your closet.

This will tell you which clothes you wear frequently. After this, you must see which all pieces are worn out and need a replacement. Then, finally replace those clothes.

  1. Create a list of what you need

At the end, you must make a list of all those clothes you need to buy. These should be clothes that you want in your revamped wardrobe. These should also include statement pieces like a suit, white shirt, a regular top, etc.

You should definitely include an embellished halter top, floor length skirt, embroidered long silk jacket, a black dress, skinny jeans, boot cut jeans, and pumps for women. For men, the wardrobe should include a navy, black, and gray suit, wingtip or whole cut shoes, classic V-neck t-shirt, khaki chinos, casual sneakers, and a white pocket square.

So, this is how you can build a timeless wardrobe. Through these tips, you can create a new closet quickly with awesome ensembles.