Are you a beginner on Instagram? Do you want to be successful on Instagram, but you are worried that you are only a novice? Fret not, as we are here to help you.

Instagram is one of the most used and hottest social networking platforms used by millions of people to share their photos. It is quick, visual, and quite easy to use photo-sharing tool. This makes Instagram even more popular among people, whether celebrities or common folks.

But, to be successful on this social network is not that easy. To help you out, we have jot down some tips through which you thrive on Instagram, even if you are a beginner. With our tips, you can improve your Instagram experience, engagement, as well as grow your followers on Instagram.

1. Post often

You must post new content regularly on your Instagram account in order to keep your followers interested and engaged. However, this does not mean that you need to post ten photos each day, even one photo per day or in two days is enough. You can lose your followers, if you do not post for long time periods.

  1. Post colorful, interesting videos and photos


Instagram is all about posting your best pictures and videos. It is a social networking platform, which solely concentrates on posting pictures and videos. Therefore, you must post interesting and colorful pictures on your Instagram account, if you want to gather more followers and get more engagement. Your photos and videos should be able to evoke some emotion, like happiness, humor, nostalgia, motivation, love, etc. High quality pictures that are colorful are most noticed on Instagram.

  1. Use hashtags carefully

Although, hashtags are important, they must be used cautiously. This means that you must only use relevant and popular hashtags in your pictures and not all of them. Moreover, do not post a lot of hashtags.

At the most, eleven hashtags are optimal in one picture. Use minimum hashtags and keep them relevant to the topic of your picture. This way you can increase your reach, attract new followers, and encourage more engagement on your Instagram account.

  1. Do not overuse filters

Although, you must use filters in your photos, try not to overdo the effects. There are a lot of filters that Instagram provides. Through these filters, you can automatically enhance the style and look of your pictures. However, this trend is now going out, and more people now prefer more natural and colorful pictures and videos. Although, filter effects look tempting, you must limit their use in order to keep the contrast and color normal in your images.

  1. Make use of the Explore tab

You must use the Explore tab or the popular page in order to find some amazing content for your Instagram account. This is the place where you can find the most popular videos and photos. These photos are tailored for the individual person, according to the videos and photos that have been commented on or like by the people they follow. Plus, Instagram users can find new people to engage with and follow by checking this tab frequently.

Just follow these essential tips and see how you become famous on Instagram within a short period of time.