It is very necessary for fashion photographers to post perfect photographs on their Instagram account. After all, this is what their profession is all about. Taking perfect pictures is what they should know the best.

Instagram should be on the top of your most used apps, if you are a fashion photographer. Through this photo-sharing platform, you can keep your followers updated, showcase your most recent work, impress new customers, and attract new associates.

However, you cannot build a respective and loyal Instagram following overnight. You have to work for it every day. In order to help fashion photographers to click the best pictures for their Instagram account, we have jot down 6 Instagram tricks that can increase your followers and make you the next superstar on Instagram.

  1. Select a nice username

Make a good username on your Instagram account. It should not be complicated and should be short, sensible, and easy to spell. This will allow people to easily find you on Instagram. Moreover, make sure that your username is related to your work and your personality.

  1. Put quality above quantity

You should focus on the quality of your pictures, rather than the quantity. Although, you do not want your followers to forget about your work or you, which is why you constantly post on your Instagram account, it is not that much necessary.

Your followers have other accounts too that they follow besides yours, so it is not that their lives depend on your Instagram account updates. So, give importance to your work rather than posting 24/7. And, post only when you have got a really good picture. In any case, one amazing picture is much better than ten useless ones.

  1. Engage more and more

It is important to engage on Instagram, that is, to like the photos of other people. You should connect with people other than your followers by liking their photos and finding new users. Other users too want likes on their photos and if you have liked some of their pictures, then they will most likely see your profile. Moreover, if you post high quality pictures, they will surely follow you.


  1. Follow the 1-2-3 rule


You can engage with other Instagram users by following the 1-2-3 rule. According to this rule, when you post 1 picture of yours, you should comment on 2 pictures, and like 3 pictures. This will help you to get more engagement on Instagram.


  1. Do not purchase followers

Let your followers come automatically to your Instagram profile. Do not purchase Instagram followers. After all, one loyal and good follower is worth thousand followers.

  1. Do not spam


Although, you should share your posts regularly, you should not spam. Ensure to spread all your high quality pictures. Wait for atleast 2 to 3 hours, before you post your next picture. You should not post a lot of high quality pictures at one time because it is not clever to do so, as only the followers who are online at that time will check your pictures. Moreover, it is annoying to see someone always hogging your Instagram feed. When you spread out your posts, many people can see your pictures.

You can follow these 6 Instagram tricks, if you are a fashion photographer. Make sure that you use your Instagram account as a continuation of your brand individuality as a fashion photographer. Do not see it as a playing field and post anything on it.