Before the era of social networks, the most important thing when going on travels was a map. You could ask round as well. However, nowadays, things are a little bit different than they were a few years ago (somebody would say 100 years ago without social networks). People rely on travel Instagram profiles, where they can see and read about the places, where some influencers, photographers, etc. have been.

The Instagram is full of these profiles though they all are not equally worthy. That is why I have saved you the time of searching and have found some of the best travelers that you should follow.

Just a little warning: these profiles will give you a huge wanderlust.

This profile has everything. The photos of cities and sometimes villages are amazing. Pretty buildings, food and drink places are photographed from many perspectives. You can also see amazing floral shops or flowers itself.

This beautiful account is not only for travel but photography inspo as well.

Leonie Hanne is a fashion and travel blogger that definitely deserves a place in this article. Her travelings are always on her Insta stories, but she also makes amazing photos. She is recognized for her big happy smile and beautiful long hair. With Leonie, you will enjoy in fashion and travel. Bull’s eye, right? 

Ajda is a blondie Slovenian girl that loves traveling and beauty products. On her profile, you can see her latest photos from Thailand, and guess what she is preparing us for a new trip (hint: one of the most photographed places in Italy)! Visit her blog where she just has finished the post about Thailand.

This is another Slovenian girl that has impressive travel photos! Don’t kill me, I love these girls so much, so I thought to show you so you can adore them as well!

Vanesa shows her travels and her country. Morocco was one of her latest destinations, so don’t hesitate to take a look!

If you are a fan of perfect and minimal photography, then this profile is just for you. This girl makes terrific shots of places. Most of them are from the bird perspective. The shades are minimalistic, and the photos are not photoshopped too much. This profile is new for me as well, and I have to admit I can’t stop watching it. 

Carolyn is a UK freelance photographer and traveler. She makes minimal brownish flat lays and building photos that you can just adore, nothing less.

Her feed is composed, so you can easily search for your inspiration.

Carin Olsson moved from Sweden to Paris. She thought it would be temporary, but there she is. Still in the city of love.

Her photos are clean and polished. As you can see, her profile is not only a travel one. She also shows you Paris and be prepared for a lot of fashion inspiration. 

On the other hand, if you are a fan of colors, a lot of red and pink, then Polina is the girl for you. She can be your daily dose of inspiration and travelings. She makes beautiful flat lays as well as outfit travel photos. Do you need food recommendations? She has them! 

What are you waiting for? Go and find inspiration for your next traveling!