Amazing #OOTDs are founded on creativity. Unless you have enough money to go shopping every day, you will need to look at the pieces that you currently have in your wardrobe and use your magic in seeing how you can play with them.

Here are some affordable fashion combinations that you may use to breathe life to your Instagram feed. With these suggestions, you will be able to consistently change things up and give your followers looks that they will surely swoon over.

Pastels and Jeans

Planning your everyday ensemble will require you to determine your own style philosophy and invest on pieces that will help you maintain this viewpoint with every look that you pull off. If you are not a tomboy yet you are not a girly girl either, then the pastel and jeans combo is a great look for you to play with.

A pair of rugged jeans will take on a fresh new spin when it is paired with a flowy pastel-colored top. This combination yields a casual look that will be perfect for your afternoon coffee runs and weekend shopping trips!

T-Shirt Dresses and Pumps

T-shirt dresses are rarely seen as fashionable pieces for a night out in town, but this can very well change with a nice pair of pumps. The casual look of this kind of dress works beautifully together, and will surely add fresh flavor to your usual outfit posts. You won’t even need to think too much about this pairing! The contrast between these pieces make the whole look edgy and interesting.

Leather and Animal Print

Most fashion influencers would rather stay away from an outfit that uses two differently lush fabrics together. However, the most daring fashionistas would realize that using pieces that have their distinct personalities will make way for a share-worthy look!

Pairing a leather piece with an animal print accessory may not be a great idea for an everyday look, but this combination will surely hit the right spot if you want to get noticed online. It has the right spunk and toughness that will make your followers hungry for more.

Print or Print

Everyone has heard of the age-old fashion adage that warn against mixing prints. If you have a plain and safe fashion philosophy, then there is no doubt that you follow this rule to a T.

The most daring fashion influencers, on the other hand, see this as a mere guideline. Amazing and interesting outfits stem from the contract between two printed pieces and you will be wise to use this look wisely if you want to up your Instagram game.