One of the well-known fitness models on Instagram, Amanda Lee does not need any introduction. With 4.7 million followers and 156 posts till now on her Instagram account (@amandaeliselee), Amanda Lee has a huge fan following, owing to her toned figure, stunning looks, and not to be missed her perfect butt.

Amanda Lee is a certified fitness trainer and earns millions through her Instagram account. Her sexy snaps on Instagram are evidence of her earnings. This svelte model has already earned $2.83 million till now. Her popularity is increasing day by day.

Not only Amanda Lee is a fitness coach, but she is also a fitness model as well as Pilates instructor. This 29-year-old model currently resides in Los Angeles, where she works as a certified fitness trainer. By birth, Lee is an Italian and Canadian.

Amanda Lee’s well-toned bum and gravity-defying body are the two things that have won her accolades from many people. And, on top of these, her hot figure and enticing looks charm everybody. Amanda Lee endorses Fit Tea through her Instagram account.

Lee says that Fit Tea keeps her energized and slim. Fit Tea is a detoxifying tea that has many benefits, such as it increases metabolism, increases energy levels, boosts immunity, burns fat, and has a great vegan taste.

As the name suggests, Fit Tea is especially made for getting fit. This 100% organic tea contains a powerful blend of ingredients, which are used across the world for their health benefits for thousands of years. The brand has 1.8 million followers on Instagram and is well-known among fitness freaks.

Amanda Lee definitely stands out on Instagram. She regularly posts her selfies and belfies or butt selfies. The LA-based personal fitness coach shows off her pert assets on Instagram and has gained social media stardom through it. Plus, she is also on her way to build her own fitness empire, while be tailored as per her derriere.

You may be wondering like many other people as to how Lee got such great assets, who has the best butt Jen Selter or Amanda Lee, and how she keeps her butt in tip-top shape. When asked by Amanda Lee if she inherited her backside from her mama, she says that she always had a great booty. However, it is not all genetic, she has worked out a lot to achieve this envious figure.

Lee’s workout routine is an extensive one. She works on her lower body 2 to 3 times in a week with the help of weights. She also does different combinations of lunges, squats, leg raises, dead lifts, hip thrusts, step ups, leg press, etc. She always tries to switch these up. Moreover, besides Fit Tea, she also drinks Womens Best vegan protein shake, when she performs her leg exercises in order to build lean muscles.

Womens Best ( offers a wide range of weight loss, fitness, and beauty products, which are especially developed for women. Since every woman is different and special by nature, this brand focuses on the individuality of all women, so that they can bring out the very best of themselves.

Amanda Lee surely enjoys the difference of Womens Best products. She advises other fitness enthusiasts who want to have a great rear to always focus mentally on their butt, while working out. This in turn will help them to achieve better results instead of just performing the motions.