Dannie Riel is a YouTube star, world traveler, international model, and the face of her own clothing empire. Best known for her modeling, the French-Chinese superstar was born on June 16th, 1988 in Canada. At 5’ 2”, she is considered short by modeling standards, but makes up for it with her knack for business and big personality.

Through her social media channels, Dannie has developed a loyal and enthusiastic group of followers from all around the globe. Her popular YouTube channel, therielworld, was created on March 7, 2008. Her first video featured her getting a lip piercing and was published that same day. In just eight years, her subscriber count has skyrocketed to over 220,000.

Dannie’s channel mostly consists of everyday vlogs that give a behind the scenes glimpse into her life. Many of her travel vlogs consist of exploring countries around the world as she goes on adventures and eats ethnic cuisine. She also posts behind the scenes videos of photo shoots and videos of her and her friends hanging out. She often collaborates on videos with other famous YouTube sensations such as Timothy DeLaGhetto, Swoozie, AJ Rafael, and Jason Chen.

Food is a big part of Dannie’s brand and social media presence. She often vlogs, tweets, snapchats, and instagrams her snacks and meals and brings recognition to small, boutique food companies. Often, she posts where she’s eating in real time in order to encourage her fan base to make a trip out to whatever fun eatery she’s at to meet her and take photographs. Dannie’s “food adventures” have included trips to Loop Handcrafted Churros and GD Bro Burger.

YouTube is not Dannie Riel’s only social media success. The international model also has over 1.3 million followers on Instagram and over 1.4 million likes on her Facebook fan page. She is also popular on Vine, Snapchat, and Twitter.

Dannie even runs her own company, the online clothing store, Riel Brand Store. The brand’s concept is to use Dannie’s image and name on trendy pieces of clothing. Each piece features the model’s name or a photograph of the brown haired, grey-eyed sensation, which truly speaks to the loyalty of her fan base. Popular items of clothing from her store include the “Riel Hungry” tank, the “Dannie Made Me Do It” tees and tanks, the “Riel Classy Bitch” one-piece bodysuit, and the “Dannie Made Me Do It” beanie. Other items she sells include phone cases, keychains, posters, and lanyards.

Aside from curating and creating items for her own brand, Dannie makes many public appearances for brands such as Turner Evolution 2016 and Streetdreams.

Dannie Riel is a beauty with an entrepreneurial empire that truly values and utilizes the fan base she’s built over the years. Dannie has established a personal brand and persona that is coveted by international companies who have hired her to be their representative. The portfolio of her work is massive and varied in style, showing her dedication to her career and how busy she is. She frequently posts photos of her and her fans, and stops to take photos no matter where she is and what she’s doing.