Anne Winterson is a famous Taiwanese-American international model and actress. She is currently based in Taipei, Taiwan and is associated with Easy Yoga ( The brand is popular enough for its wide range of yoga products.

While promoting Yoga, Easy Yoga is a consummate, fashionable athletic, strong, and LOHAS sport leading brand. It offers a wide variety of athletic wear, professional yoga outfit and equipment, as well as lifestyle apparel.


Anne Winterson is quite popular on her Instagram account (@annewinterson) with 16.8 thousand followers. Plus, she is also very active on Facebook as well as on Twitter. With a huge fan following this beautiful model from Taiwan is passionate, hardworking, and bilingual. Anne is fluent in Mandarin Chinese and English. Plus, she has a basic understanding of Hakka and Taiwanese dialects.

Talking about her childhood, Anne has grown up in Taiwan and the United States. This biracial Taiwanese-American model is known for her cute and sexy looks. Her love for modeling and acting is what brought Anne into this industry.

This gorgeous beauty aims to expand her international exposure and experience by working with more industry professionals from around the world. Plus, she wants to shoot distinguishing and unique poses owing to her biracial looks, which do not belong to any one specific category.

Anne Winterson is currently represented by six modeling agencies across the Midwest, including famous ones like Area Management (Bangkok), Upfront Models (Singapore), Quest (Hong Kong), and ML (Malaysia).

Being a diversified model, Anne shoots for commercial advertisements, print, fashion, and occasionally walks on the runway. Additionally, she is a Taiwanese actress, emcee, voiceover talent, and TV personality.

This smart and svelte model has many photo shoots and brand promotions to her credit. For instance, she has appeared in the famous Jusky magazine, where she posed doing fitness exercises. She has also appeared in some drama series. Other brand promotions of Anne include Elle Taiwan, Nike, Jill Loves Lace, Shuuemura, Fuc4, and Easy Yoga.

Anne loves to exercise and is a big fan of yoga, which is why she has been promoting the Easy Yoga brand for a while now. She feels that everybody should stay fit and healthy and yoga is the means to achieve that. Plus, she also promotes Nike sportswear.

Besides this, Anne has also appeared on some cooking shows and has loved her experience of being there, including on her favorite cooking show. This stunning Taiwanese model has also appeared in one of the music videos of Jay Chou.

Anne loves positive vibes and is full of energy. She loves to be surrounded by her friends as well as positive people. Her day becomes complete when she shoots and meets her friends. This sultry beauty loves travelling around and exploring different cities in the world.

With natural cute looks, it seems that Anne is soon going to become much more famous and do many more shoots and advertisements. She looks forward to working with many big and known names in the industry. Hope that she finds what she wants!