Jetsetter and fitness expert Emma Rose hit it big after being noticed as a fitness model who had a brief cameo appearance on Australia’s first season of The Bachelor. Since that epic turn in her career, Emma Rose has become a social media authority on all things health, lifestyle, fitness, beauty, and fashion.

At 27 years old, Emma is a blogger, jetsetter, model, and co-owner of the online marketplace – a fashion portal where customers can buy, sell, and trade both new and used fashion pieces.

Though she is frequently traveling all around the world, Emma Rose is still based in her hometown of Sydney, Australia. She’s a dreamer with drive and has a wide range of passions that all contribute to her own well being, as well as the well being of others.

Emma’s social media fan base started growing after she hit it big on reality TV, but due to her hard work, today she boasts nearly half a million Instagram followers.

Her account is filled with a sense of vibrant optimism and features photos from her travels through Italy, the Untied States, and Bali. A true foodie, she loves to post beautiful photos of all the healthy (and sometimes delightfully not-so-healthy) meals she eats on her travels along with pics of her favorite coffee beverages.

Her Instagram account truly echoes the sentiment of her blog, which she describes as “ … basically an organic collection of who I am and what I love.”

Emma acts as an ambassador for a number of international health brands including Skinny Bunny Tea and Protein World. She is currently the face of Gymshark Australia, one of the fastest growing and most innovative sports fitness brands based in the UK. Her super toned physique and fun, flouncy outfits are enough to inspire anyone to get fit and work toward their best body. With plenty of beach and bikini pics on her Instagram profile and blog, it is no wonder her fans trust her to tell them how to get into shape.

In addition to the health and wellness brands that sponsor her, Emma is also partnered with Vodka Plus, a local, boutique company that creates premium vodka pre-mixes for sophisticated drinkers.

Not only does Emma Rose work and play hard, she also gives back. Over the course of her career, Emma has worked with charities such as the Smith Family and Working Dog charity. On her official website, she says that she “plans to utilize her social media following to help raise awareness and funds to causes close to her heart.”

She is a woman of many passions that range from the obvious – fitness, to reading, adventure and travel, hanging out with her friends and spending time with her absolutely adorable French bull dog, Frankie.

With her go-getter attitude and big heart, it’s easy to see why Emma Rose has cultivated such a loyal international fan base. Her love of life and her good intentions shine through in every photograph she posts.