Who would have thought that a high school dropout and a bobcat driver would be Australia’s Next Top Model?! Brittany Beattie may not have a less-than-glamorous past, but she is certainly born to be a star for glossy magazine shoots and runway gigs!

The road to stardom for Brittany was not an easy path. At sixteen years old, she dropped out of school and left home. She lived a nomadic life as a teenager. She slept in her friend’s couches and as an out-of-school youth, she had a slim chance of getting employed. Although, a local agency offered her representation, she declined believing that she was not fit for the job.  Later, her aunt took her in. She has worked for her aunt as a bobcat driver and she was allowed to sleep in a caravan in her aunt’s garden.


Thankfully, Beattie’s beautiful face, perfect body and gift for modelling are meant for bigger and greater purpose. She auditioned to the ninth season of Australia’s Top Model where she won! As the winner of the contest, Beattie received a twelve month contract with IMG Models in Sydney. As of now, she has a 48.6 followers in instagram!

Presently, Beattie has been gracing the pages of high profile international companies such as Swarovski, Elle Australia, TRESemme, and more! You would see her modelling glimmering jewelries and sporting gems for breathtaking shoots.


Just take a look at these pictures!

Wonderfully, as soon as her editorial spread was published in the August issue of Elle Australia, she was asked to represent and campaign for several brands such as Le Punk collection, Alex Perry’s Black Swan collection, Harper’s Bazaar, Westfield Australia’s S/S 2015 campaign, and Witchery’s S/S 2016 launch. She also appeared in a billboard campaign for the Australian denim brand One Teaspoon. Likewise, she was featured in a commercial for Ford Australia in October 2015.

What is really interesting about Beattie is she remained grounded. In spite of her fame and promising career as a model, she remains modest. In one of her interviews, she said that she will still keep here bobcat work as it brings her down to earth. Yes, you heard it right – Beattie manages to alternate glamorous catwalks and truck driving!


It’s known to everyone that Beattie has struggled with her lack of self-confidence and anxiety. She had numerous breakdowns in the past, but, this is of course understandable for anyone whose life has changed 360 degrees. Obviously, it’s not easy to embrace the limelight when you are someone who used to be on the road driving a truck. However, Beattie is embracing stardom gracefully and has been effectively managing her panic attacks. She said that breathing techniques has helped her control her anxiety during her catwalks.

Beattie’s career is still starting. She still have lots of dreams and aspirations to achieve. Surely, there will be more opportunities to come for a promising model like Beattie!