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A Life Less Ordinary: The Fabulous Kardashian Sisters

There are two types of people in the world: ones who are totally obsessed with the Kardashian clan and others who deny their entire existence. Either way, you’ve heard of them. Maybe we don’t know their exact job title (If they even have a job), but they are making millions by… well, by being on TV. Skill level: the Kardashians! Just a month earlier, this dominant family signed a $150 million deal with E! Network to keep their show on air for 5 more seasons!   We’re gonna be seeing a lot of them, and we are eager to witness...

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How the Queens of Instagram Spent Halloween

Halloween is the most eerie time of the year. The spooky dangers lurking from any corner, the pumpkins glowing by moonlight, the chance to be someone else for a night- that’s what makes Halloween so extra special. Oh, and there’s candy too! If that wasn’t enough, the queens of Instagram make the night even more magical. They’re taking the Halloween game to the next level! Although we are weirdly full with admiration and jealousy at the same time for the clothes they get to wear, when it comes to costumes we go green with envy! Let’s check how the...

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What we Learned from NYFW about Street Style

One of the most respected and appreciated fashion shows – NYFW, ended over a month ago. But it left us with a lot to talk about! The New York Fashion Week is what Christmas is to kids for all of us fashion lovers. Beside all the glam that comes in hand with NYFW, what we loved about this year’s fashion event was the street fashion. Street style seems to be getting more and more attention each day, and we are loving it! And why is this fashion trend so adored? Could it be that the fashion evolution finally hit...

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3 Times We Couldn’t Shut up About Gigi Hadid

Gigi Hadid is one of those few girls who can pull off everything- whether it is a hairstyle, make up trend, fashion trend, you name it. With a beauty so powerful and striking and body that rocks the runways, Gigi Hadid is a real Gladiator. Did you know that her modeling career started at the early age of two? Yes, while you were outside eating sand, Gigi was working her way up straight to the top. After taking some time off, Gigi Hadid decided that 17 is the right age for her to take over the world. Fast forward...

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2.3 Million Followers Prove that Galinka Mirgaeva Rocks

Russia is a country of many wonders. The most precious of them all could quite possibly be Galinka Mirgaeva- the 30 year old Instagram queen. Galinka is such a joy for the eyes. Well, somebody did a pretty good job naming her that – her name literally means joyful! Often compared to the one and only Angelina Jolie, this curvaceous woman can really be put in the same basket as the famous actress and humanitarian when it comes to beauty standards. Other than her luscious lips and cat eyes, Galinka Mirgaeva is adored for her curves as well. Once...

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