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Instagram’s Magic: How to become Instafamous

In order to become Instagram famous, you have to learn the rules of the game. The thing is, Instagram has a few magic tricks up its sleeve. And you know that magicians never reveal their secrets. Luckily, we at IG Model were not afraid to dig deeper into the secret chambers of this world called Instagram. If you, too, want to look behind the curtain and rule over Instagram you might want to consider reading what we’ve found out, and that might actually work in favor of your Instagram famousness. Here comes our guide! Know what you’re after You...

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“Homme Dior” Just Brought The Boys Back Home

Paris Men’s Fashion Week FW18 just wrapped up, and we loved the way “Dior Homme” ended things. Although we were completely blown away by the glamor and high-couture fashion, and we literally couldn’t ask for more – we did get more! We got what we hoped to get ever since major reunions on the runway became a thing. Best male models of the 90s – don’t ask whether we approve or not; Mama likes it!  What “Versace” did with the unforgettable female models of the 90s in Milan, “Dior” did the same with male models in Paris. This time, Kris Van...

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Want to use Instagram for Business? Here’s how!

Whether you are sharing an Insta story, a photo or just commenting, the world will know about it. It’s on Instagram after all; everybody is hooked on this app. Just imagine what impact the world’s attention will have on your business. No such thing as bad publicity, but marketing your company on Instagram is just the kind of publicity you need; good publicity is always better than bad! Things get trickier here; how does one build a good Instagram for business? Worry not, friends, here’s where we take the scene. Here’s how your business can get the most out...

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Instagram now knows when you were last seen active

Ever since Instagram was first launched back in 2010, this app has never stopped developing. Other than gaining millions of users worldwide and is the most popular app for sharing photos, it seems that lately Instagram is improving its messaging section as well. While some people are crazy over the new “Show Activity Status” option, others are not that happy about it. So, what exactly does this option allow Instagram users to do? “Show Activity Status“ is the latest update from Instagram. Similarly to other popular apps like Facebook Messenger, Viber or WhatsApp, Instagram thought that it would be...

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6 beauty tricks from Instagram’s favorite – Irina Shayk

Russian bombshell Irina Shayk knows a thing or two about being flawless. She keeps her natural beauty untouched with some pretty old-school beauty tricks. Truth be told, they work better than plastic surgeries. The 32-year-old supermodel likes to take care of her skin; after all, she participated in Marc Jacobs’ special charity project – “Protect the Skin You Are in”. Let’s take a look at Irina Shayk’s skincare regimen; who knows maybe we will score a Bradly Cooper too! Morning Routine Russian beauty Irina Shayk starts her mornings icey and fresh. She rubs her face with an ice-cube, which...

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