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Christine Phillips: The Girl Who’ll Take Over the Internet

Thank you 21th century for allowing us to connect to the Internet! Where would all the supermodels and media influencers be if there was no Internet? And how other would we spend our days than the usual stalking on Instagram? Maybe the best part about being online is the fact that it offers countless opportunities. So, Christine Phillips decided to seize the blessing. Christine is a licensed esthetician, working and living in Huntington, New York. Other than her current job, she is trying to make it up to the top in the modeling industry. And she is totally a...

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Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show: The Fantasy Bra

Yey, once again it’s that time of the year- Victoria’s Secret Fashion show! What we’re most excited about is the annual ‘Fantasy Bra ‘.We had the pleasure of seeing what the ‘Fantasy Bra’ would look like one month before the fashion show. And we weren’t disappointed!   Lais Ribeiro had the honor to wear the ‘Champagne Nights Fantasy Bra’, valued at $2 million. If you knew that the bra is made of diamonds, blue topaz and yellow sapphires in total of almost 6,000 gemstones, you wouldn’t be so surprised by the price. Oh, and it took more than 350 fantastic...

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Kate Middleton vs. Melania Trump: Who Wore it Better?

When it comes to leaving a lasting fashion impression, royals and first ladies are doing it pretty well. Just take a look at Kate Middleton and Melania Trump; from coats to dresses, these two ladies wear a number of ensembles that are strikingly similar and we can’t decide who wore them better. Kate Middleton is everyone’s favorite from the British Royal family, both for her lady-like behavior and her style. The first lady of America, Melania Trump, was declared as the rightful heir to the fashion style of Jackie Kennedy. So they’re both strong candidates for who gets the...

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Jelena Karleusa: The Diva From The Balkans

The Balkans may be unknown to many people, but Jelena Karleusa is not! A true Diva, born and raised in the small Balkan country Serbia, is currently conquering the world! Nowadays, Karleusa has over 1.4million followers on Instagram from all around the world, and her fan base is growing with each passing day. Even Kim Kardashian couldn’t resist following her! So how did KarleusaStar earn so many followers? Jelena started her career about 20 years ago. Once her debut turbo-folk album “Ogledalce” (meaning Mirror) hit the Balkans in 1995, it sold in over 100,000 copies all across Serbia and...

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Liza Koshy Ruling Over Instagram

The urban dictionary ‘defines’ Liza Koshy as a lil brown girl, an amazingly awesome, epic youtube/vine star who makes videos about inappropriate, though, kid-friendly things. Since Liza Koshy is apparently a term now, you’d have to be amazingly funny, have a great personality and awesome appearance to be a ‘Liza Koshy’. Oh, and have over 12 million subscribers and about a billion views, as well as a 14.4 million followers on Instagram. But hey, no pressure, you’ll get there. What makes Liza Koshy so special? Long story short, Liza Koshy is to YouTube what Kendall Jenner is to Instagram...

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