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The best of British Fashion Awards 2017

The British Fashion Awards 2017 were held two days day ago at the Royal Albert Hall in London. Two days later, the fuss about the event is still around! What started as a small fashion gathering for British talents is now an international celebration of fashion! And each year it just keeps getting better. Last Year’s Model of the Year We still can’t forget last year’s event when Gigi Hadid took the stage. We were all overwhelmed with emotions when she received the ‘Model of the Year’ award. And so was she. The speech she gave totally came from...

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Sheikha Mozha bint Nasser: Inspirational Power Woman

Sheikha Mozha bint Nasser al Missned is giving us a serious case of admiration. The 58 year old madam is one of the three wives of the former Emir of Qatar, Sheikh Hamad bin Khalifa Al Thani. But she is so much more than just a woman with a powerful husband. Sheikha Mozha is just as actively involved and influential on the political scene as her husband and son are. She was the former first lady of Qatar. Her husband abdicated in his son’s favor, so Sheika Moza is now the mother of Qatar’s Emir. She is still one...

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3 Unwritten Rules for 3000 More Followers on Instagram

October, 2011 is when the internet blessed us with Instagram. Ever since then, we became totally addicted to this awesome app. Not only it is totally fun, but nowadays brands, models, social influencers make a living on Instagram. But the road to getting there is paved with tricks. It is not just about taking a picture and posting it online. It’s about making a statement! Since our goal is for you to achieve your dream of becoming ‘big deal’ on Instagram, here we present the 3 unwritten rules of Instagram that will escalate you to the top! 1. Don’t over...

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Crown For Highest Paid Model Goes to Kendall Jenner

For fifteen amazing years the world was proud to have Gisele Bundchen as the world’s highest paid model. Panta Rhei, people! Let me quote Heraclitus: “Change alone is unchaning.” Well, change came after a decade and a half. And we don’t mind it. So who exactly put the end to Gisele’s reign? (P.S. We still love you Gisele)   Kendall Jenner, the breath-taking beauty, stole the spotlight from Bundchen. Not exactly stole since she totally earned it…but you know what I mean. Maybe Kendall is relatively new to the modeling world, but she’s not new to the public eye...

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Amiyrah Joseph: The Next ‘IT’ Girl

Amiyrah Joseph is the name you’ll be hearing a lot in the future. The second year Abnormal and Clinical Psychology student has big plans for the future. Other than getting a college degree, Amiyrah is very passionate about the modeling world. And her beauty tells me she’s going to climb to the very top!   This aspiring model is a girl of many talents. Even thought she is a full time student, she is also a self taught artist, henna artists and tattoo designer. On top of that, Amiyrah is making her way to the modeling industry. Oh, and...

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