Author: Ester Lavandyan

Boho Chic Accessories for Every Casual Look

Whatever you wear with your outfits to make them more fashionable and eye-catching, there is always a series of accessories you have never discovered. Leaving aside all your jewelry, embellishments and style statement items here we represent the best of boho chic accessories for every casual look. Boho chic has become one of the most favorite styles in fashion. It always comes with interesting solutions and accessory ideas worthy to wear in any season and for any occasion. Bohemian Head wraps/Headbands There are thousands of beautiful and stylish headbands in the world of fashion but lately women make their...

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Cute Hairstyle Ideas for Black Women

Afro-American and Brazilian women usually stand out with frizzy, thick and voluminous hair type. They always seek for hairstyle ideas that can highlight the beauty of their natural hair. Here are the cutest hairstyle ideas for black women who need more inspiration.  These hairdo trends will help you find out the easiest and most beautiful ways of rocking natural strands. Find your style! Double Buns The old-fashioned bun hairstyles are replaced with new and unique options. One of them is the tight and cozy double bun hairstyle, which keeps all your hair out of the face and allows you...

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Trendy Ways to Wear Socks

Unlike men, women wear socks according to season and weather. It’s just a cozy pair of items that keeps feet warm enough in cold weather. However, lately socks have become big trends and many use them as style statement accessories and not just warm clothing. Today we’ll see how to wear socks in trendy ways and how to stand out in the crowd with fancy looks. Keep in mind that the art of wearing stylish socks comes from old times and has a retro touch in it, which makes it more interesting. Striped Socks with Denim If you decide...

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Most Popular Dresses for the Moment

Whether you are big fan of mini or maxi dresses here is the line of the most popular dresses for the moment. It’s the high time for you to update your wardrobe with new pieces of dresses in the trendiest styles. Luckily, this year we see a triumph of cozy and girlish styles that inspire us to highlight our femininity and true beauty. You can rock these dresses during the whole summer and keep some of them for the next spring and summer. Sleeveless Shirt Dress; Stripes One of the most popular trends for this year is stripes. They...

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How to Wear Kimonos with Jeans

From mid-length to longline, kimonos are all the rage for this year. They come with millions of styles and fabrics and provide us with super stylish and attractive looks. Our simple street style becomes so versatile, interesting and fashionable thanks to these new outfit trends inspired by the old Asian culture. According to the latest design solutions one of the best ways to look stylish is combining the old with the modern. So, here we are to find out how to wear kimonos with jeans. Choose the best styles of kimonos to match with your casual jeans. Velvet Kimono...

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