Author: Ester Lavandyan

Tie-Dye Prints for 2019

While animal and floral prints are the most popular in fashion, there is another trendy print idea for the coming year. Tie-dye is the next gorgeous style of designing casual and prom outfits. The best thing about this fashion trend is that it gives you matching opportunities when it comes to color and accessory choice. It’s easier to find suitable accessories when colors are just a few and especially when they come with some contrasts. Let’s see what’s new in the world of tie-dye prints for 2019. Tie-Dye Print for Jumpsuits There is no need to highlight the fact...

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Glitter Makeup Moments from Celebs

It seems as if we speak too much about glitzy-glittery trends but the fact is that they are truly in thing for 2019. Glitter makeup trends come and go by the time and they are meant for holidays and special days. We seldom wear glitter eye shadow or lipstick because they are too eye-catching and festive. Since holidays are right under our noses, we think of the latest trendy dressing and makeup ideas for the coming festive days. Check the best celebrity moments with glitter makeup. Priyanka Chopra It was just a few days ago we saw Priyanka Chopra...

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Top 5 Pairs of Red Shoes for the Holiday Season

The choice of the right festive pair of shoes is not always that easy especially when the thing is about Christmas and New Year. If you are in search of the best pairs of holiday shoes then stay with us. Today we’ll discover the top 5 pairs of red shoes for these holidays. Why red? Because red is the most festive color. It grabs attention from the first sight and looks so bright, stylish and luxurious. These 5 pairs will also give you ideas on how to choose the best holiday dress or outfit combination. While others start with...

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IG Hair Color Trends

Sharing your style experience has become so easy thanks to one of the most popular online platforms called Instagram. Here people share their stories and photos that keep us engaged. Today we’ll refer to the most beautiful hair color trends spotted on Instagram. True fashionistas don’t stop experimenting with new hair colors to switch up their seasonal fashion changes. Check out these gorgeous looks and think of another fancy shade for your hair. Denim Blue Hair Between all the possible tones of blue denim blue has become one of the most requested shades in salons. This has come to...

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Can You Winterize your Summer Wardrobe?

We usually tend to wear matching outfits for this or that particular season but there are cases when we want to put on our summer clothing and accessories on cold days. So, how to do to stay warm and stylish at the same time? Can we winterize our summer wardrobe? Keep on reading to learn how to do it right and wisely. We’ll give you cool ideas on playing up with your summer outfits for winter and you’ll make a habit for your most creative looks. Summer Dress over Sweater This particular look may remind you of your childhood...

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